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  1. I don't think that that is "really getting it right" is it?
  2. I've often wondered about this myself and I have a theory. Ever since the service was privatised it has become a much more precise operation; in order to keep costs down the rounds are more planned and (working on the assumption that all the bins are full) they'll know the exact point on the round when a lorry will become full, so if they were to collect excess rubbish the lorry would become fuller sooner, requiring more journeys to the base/depot to empty it, meaning extra fuel costs.
  3. Is it this? http://blog.gossard.com/image.axd?picture=2012%2F6%2FFlight.jpg Damn I missed that!
  4. There is a significant Muslim population in his constituency, most of whom will not be remotely anti-Semitic, but they will most certainly be ant-Israel, which is not the same thing; this Lib Dem MP is tapping into this anti-Israel sentiment.
  5. I personally find Google images new interface a bit annoying; its good that you can now see images in full size without needing to visit the source website, but the way that the web page jumps around when you click on and close an image is very bothersome.
  6. Is that picture of the Tesco at the Wicker? (Jesus Christ, I had to remove link before I could post, again!!)
  7. The problem is is that we've allowed religious institutions to claim dominion over marriage, when actually marriage doesn't have religious origins.
  8. I've recently rediscovered Electric Six; very underrated band.
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