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  1. Never mind receipts, don't you find 1 or 2 of the till girls are quite rude!
  2. Oh thats a pity, when I moved to Sheffield, Morans was the first restaurant I went to - 1st class food!
  3. Thats why you should always carry a bit of card with 'HELLO MUM' wrote on it!
  4. OK, I watched it last night. I think maybe she was in shock after the bombshell that they had been set up by the 'company' that she just didn't realise that the door had opened and Ash had come in. Maybe
  5. Ok, he's tall, bit of a chunky monkey and has short grey-ish hair. I think maybe in his mid 40's. Does this make me a stalker? I don't care - he's a dish
  6. Im going! Just have a wonder, loads of free stuff to enjoy
  7. I have enjoyed this series, but I now feel a bit conned by Leah! Oh well, still enjoyed the show - especially Alex's eyebrows
  8. Im having a glass of wine, with Bruno Mars on the cd player
  9. Called in again this afternoon after work, just as hot Also, my favourite £land employee wasn't there, he wasn't there Tuesday either - hope he hasn't left
  10. My lad says its a fighting game with swords and shields, set in Roman gladiator time.
  11. Ive never picked up on that, going to watch it tonight after work.
  12. Despicable Me 2 6/10 An ok film, not as good as the first.
  13. Im thinking about the poor people who have to work in it.
  14. Post no.4, most women do keep their purses in their bags, its safer.
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