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  1. anyone fancy free exercise? I live on wybourn and wondered if anyone would like to make up a walking circle? from 1 meeting place to the next to collect people then back again to drop them off? i'm useless at exercise unless someones pushing me. the thought of having to be somewhere at a certain time so I don't let people down would be my incentive.
  2. mine did the same for a while it was one of the legs that holds the drum in place that had cracked. after a few weeks it broke all together and the washer was bouncing round the kitchen like a new born lamb. it would have killed one of the kids if it had hit them. its fixable if you don't leave it to late
  3. hello, sorry ive not been on here, things have been a bit chaotic at home and my shop and my family lately. errmmmm can I ask, who's pat? which villages are you in?
  4. I have a shop in S6 selling hand made or hand finished items if you'd like to rent some space?
  5. I would be interested in something similar to this share if anyone else is looking in that area?
  6. have a look at business Sheffield & Launchpad on facebook. they have newsletters for things like that you can sign up for or just like their pages and be notified online
  7. craft workshops starting soon in S6. not sure if I can mention the shop or advertise on here, pm me if you're interested.
  8. hiya Raymond... its not bizarre sounding, ive seen a few blokes in hobby craft buying the fancy dies. I like making cards but I don't have much patience so I paint and update furniture mainly. ---------- Post added 11-02-2017 at 10:18 ---------- sorry, ive been kinda busy & hectic lately.... might need to search for a Sheffield forum app to keep me upto date with notifications lol ---------- Post added 11-02-2017 at 10:20 ---------- i'm still working out how to reply to posts, so if they seem a bit random or all over the place please forgive me. lol
  9. I've been in the reception and they useless. don't know nothing. they only work reception a parent. thanks for your input though
  10. i was hoping it would be quicker on here .. thanks for your help though geared.
  11. that's great! thanks biotech pete. thank you soo much. don't know how you did it but thank you any info on ye old Harrow will be greatly appreciated as well
  12. it's Ye Old Harrow. 80 Broad Street. & The Durham Ox. 15 Cricket Inn Rd. everything stops after 1980-is. ..... unless I'm looking in the wrong places.
  13. i'm trying to find out who owns an old pub near me. its been closed for years and looks kinda derelict. googled it and looked on SCC website but now i'm stuck for ideas
  14. hello, I was looking at the dates on the posts, it seems like no one uses this group anymore. the dates are from last summer? am I wrong?
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