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  1. Hello. Singer here looking for a party, corporate, functions etc covers band to play regularly with - classic rock/soul type stuff, maybe a bit of crooning too! Plenty of experience, decent range. Get in touch. Ta.
  2. Hey Bruce, I just replied to your other post and this one answered my question! I'm a young 47 and am looking to sing classic rock/soul covers and make a bit of cash. Cheers, Phil.
  3. Hey Bruce, What type of music have you done in the past? I'm looking to sing some classic rock/soul covers. Cheers, Phil.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for musicians who like a bit of lovely loose rock, bit trashy 70s, bit groovy 90s. Ideally I need a drummer/someone doing rhythm & a bassist (synth bass?) but if you like it get in touch with whatever and let's see what 'appens: https://soundcloud.com/guise16/sets/rough-solo-songs. Cheers.
  5. Hey Pete, Not sure whether we've spoken before. Do you guys have anything I could have a listen to? Cheers, Phil.
  6. Hey Dave, Saw your ad on Join My Band too. Have a listen to any/all of http://soundcloud.com/us-two and see if you like. For a band I'm imagining either some crazy duo thing or some kind of Roxy Music madness. I want synths too. Love Bowie, Steely Dan etc. Have you got anything I can have a listen to? Cheers, Phil.
  7. For dramatic alt-rock/country/dirty-blues action... I'm looking for a drummer who can come up with grooves and beats, who is fluid, can do light-touch and hard-hitting and understands the need for space in an arrangement. I'm looking for someone who can hear synth parts where there aren't any (rather than following melodies or guitar lines), someone who could cover bass duties on occasion and who wants to experiment! Check out https://soundcloud.com/us-two. No particular order, just a load of songs. Ta!
  8. Cool. My email is philcheese@gmail.com Look forward to hearing the stuff (wouldn't mind hearing any old stuff too!). Phil.
  9. Hey, You got anything I can have a listen to? Cheers, Phil.
  10. I have an alt-country/dirty blues kind of thing happening. Looking to get out and do some initial small gigs with a three piece. I have a bass synth player onboard with me on acoustic and vox. Check out: for some tracks. Just need someone to keep a simple beat on tambourine, bongos, shakers, chair legs, whatever's available! Thanks.
  11. Preferably female with a bit of experience who likes playing acoustic to go out and do some small gigs and open mics and who can sing (simple) harmonies. I'll be playing the guitar/singing too. I've got ideas for how we could tune and overlay the guitars to make a nice full sound. In the future I'm looking at getting a whole band together but I want to get back on the live circuit after a break with these songs ASAP and pick up other members along the way. It's a Nick Cave/Lou Reed/Beta Band/Beck kind of vibe: http://soundcloud.com/us-two Thanks for looking.
  12. Hello, I'm looking for the above for this project: http://soundcloud.com/us-two The band name will have to change, there's too many Us Twos. The whole thing needs to 'swing' a bit and be danceable to (or at least make you move a bit). A straight-ahead rock sound is not what I'm after. Have a listen to (or at least a bit of) all the tracks as it's a relatively varied bunch! I'd like to have at least one woman in the band. And we'll need backing vocals. Electric and upright bass would be great. Not asking much am I? PM me in the first instance with some stuff you've played on.... Thanks for reading, Phil.
  13. I'm bumping this back to the top, due to timewasters. If you can commit to one rehearsal a week (preferably more) then please get in touch.
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