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  1. Thanks Kyla. W haven't stopped them seeing her! They chose not to come round. And you say that you'd rather them have a relationship, so why can't they come to our house to see her? Ours is smoke free. No one stopped them seeing her, just asked them to think about the smoke smell. Don't care what anyone says, a new born baby should not smell of smoke!!
  2. I haven't said they can't see her, just asked that they don't have her that close to them that the smell transfers from their clothes to hers. They aren't allowed to smell of smoke at work and have to put things on when going for a cigarette so if they can do it for work, why not their grandchild? ---------- Post added 21-05-2013 at 09:12 ---------- She would never go in their house because they smoke in there so it wouldn't happen and they know that, but they have always been welcome here. If they were that doting I'm sure grandparents would understand if you didn't go in their house where they smoke
  3. I don't like your use of the word retarded thanks very much. I don't not let them near her, all I said is that I don't want them holding her so much that the smell of tobacco is on her clothes off them! It's disgusting and not right. I can make the choice, my baby can't. Why should she smell of smoke just because people can't keep their clothes clean!?
  4. I don't want her near smoke and I don't want her smelling of it either! Why would I want my baby smelling of that, harmful or not?! Smoking is a lifestyle choice and my choice is not to smoke simple as so why should I let someone else do it near my baby
  5. Well well well, this forum gets more unfriendly by the second. There's nothing wrong with our family but I don't think I'm been unreasonable saying I don't want my child to smell of smoke! Picture the scene, less than 12 hours old, held for 5 minutes by a smoker and stinking of their fags?! Not normal! And neeeek don't tell me to get a grip. This place was full of friendly people at the beginning and now is been overtaken by keyboard warriors! I asked for opinions not insults!!
  6. My point was about the clothes never been clean too, but nothing would have stopped them coming round to see her, even if it meant they didn't hold her. I just wanted to know if people thought I was been unreasonable for protecting my daughter from the effects of someone else's bad habit?
  7. So you don't refuse to come round and then tell everyone they don't let you see your grandchild? And also expect them to bring the child to your house because you "only smoke upstairs" because you won't walk 100 yards and pop on a clean top?
  8. So... I ask that you try not to smell of cigarette smoke near my new baby as when you held them I had to change their clothes. What do you do?
  9. I so wish I could help peewee (I'm pretty certain I know you!) but I have 2 cats and a baby and that's enough for us up to now
  10. Be patient hun, it did take me 2 years but don't let that dishearten you as I know people have gotten caught straight away after coming off pill. I had my baby girl in September and oh my we have spent a fortune, but I bet it can be done cheaper! I breastfeed so have saved money not buying formula
  11. When babies are developing a skill (crawling etc) it's quite common that they don't sleep as their little brains try to make sense of it all
  12. Wybourn Sure Start have a group on Wednesday morning at half 9
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