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  1. Does anyone know who owns Boots Folly? The Landmark Trust might be interested in restoring it & turning it into a holiday let...before it falls down! But they need to know who to talk to first
  2. All those proposals look great! Especially like the idea of turning the roads outside the Cutlery works, Gardeners Rest etc into pedestrian priority - hopefully there'll street tables/markets etc in summer. It'll encourage more development of the derelict/empty blocks round there as well Really great extension to the existing West Bar grey-to-green as well, love it!
  3. That's a nice area as well, I wouldn't worry too much about renting in the 'wrong' area, you can't go too far wrong in that part of town
  4. Congrats! Really nice area, though Ecce rd is busy to live on. Endcliffe park is perfect and you can get all the way to the peaks along the valley. Hope you like Sheffield - it's a hard time to meet people! I'm sure they cycling clubs are still going out though
  5. I think the office above them wanted to take the ground floor space as well...
  6. Great, another few years of derelict factories. Whoopee!
  7. It should bring the prices down on normal train lines though - like in Europe. In Italy/France you can pay more and get the high speed train or pay a lot less and get the intercity service... Hopefully that's how it work in the UK!
  8. This would be a total disaster for Sheffield! I thought for a second it was a proposal from the project team - but it's not, it's just a suggestion by an unrelated architecture firm throwing ideas in the air.... Phew!
  9. Same! Trying to improve my allotment and could do with some manure... anyone got any suggestions? J
  10. This is such a great idea! Really hope at least some of it comes to pass.
  11. There's a great article on this on CityMetric: https://www.citymetric.com/skylines/where-are-largest-cities-britain-1404 It's a complicated question! J
  12. I think the council are looking at evicting them anyway so the new ski-village development can go ahead
  13. The Hathersage Rd one is a bit different and very clear: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.333394,-1.5652466,3a,75y,46.49h,80.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stodGHEIYyLiObvUqlpVNLw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  14. Hey Sheffield Forumers, A few of us at the Uni of Sheffield are trying to start a housing co-op for students, we're gonna try and bring rents down by owning our own properties. The idea is to get better housing for cheaper and rely on dodgy landlords less. We're hoping to create a real community around the houses. We have a facebook page and there was a star article about us earlier this week if you want to find out more. Just search 'sheffield student housing co-op' on google. We're trying to let people know we exist and see if there's support for the idea. Which is maybe where you forumers come in. What do you think? Would you be happy to see a student housing co-op on your street? Take the time to 'like' our facebook page if you can, it's a show of support that would be really useful to us when we apply for funding
  15. It might be worth looking a bit earlier, but there'll definitely be places available Welcome to Sheffield! You're right it's pretty easy to walk round Sheffield.
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