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  1. He has been found (thank goodness!) - update from the Police on Facebook - UPDATE: Missing 12-year-old Jamie O'Sullivan has been found safe and well at an address in Ridgeway. He is now receiving support from our specialist officers and our partner agencies. A 16-year-old Sheffield boy was arrested at the scene on suspicion of an offence under the Children Act. He is in police custody. A 45-year-old Sheffield woman who was arrested earlier today on suspicion of the same offence also remains in custody.
  2. Skye Edge Avenue is nice - fairly quiet and I have never had any trouble, I have lived there for six years. The houses are quite nice as well with decent sized rooms. However, they are building a lot of new homes in front which means increased traffic and noise, not so peaceful as when we just had the hillside.
  3. Sadly TPTV got hauled before OFCOM because of a single complaint so to cover themselves they have to put out these warnings, better safe than sorry but what a sad state of affairs!!
  4. Looking forward to this, I did watch it first time round but can't remember much. TPTV is a fantastic channel 🙂
  5. I have a heated airer that I bought from Lakeland years ago, it's really good in winter. It gets hot but not too hot and doesn't cost much to run. When I remember I also open the trickle vent to avoid condensation, but I have damp traps in every room anyway.
  6. They are redoing the paths on the whole of that side from the interchange upwards. It's a complete mess at the top at the moment but it will be much improved once finished, no more wonky paving slabs (for a while at least!). Now if only they would do the same on Fargate and get rid of the awful uneven paving.........!!!
  7. The smart cards are great, the machines are not. There was a problem with my card, something to do with the software and Stagecoach tickets. This meant that the card wouldn't update. I tried once with no joy and received a slip saying I hadn't been charged. The ladies from the interchange tried again, same result. So the third time it was done as a new transaction with a completely new card, this went through fine. Today I check my bank account only to find that the two voided transactions had gone through so I am £98 down. I am absolutely livid. I bet I won't get my money back as quickly as it was taken
  8. That would be just my luck! It was earlier though, I got on at City Road at about 8.35. I will make sure I check before I board in future, not impressed with that half service at all!
  9. Beware the Stagecoach 120 service - this morning the bus stopped at the hospital and didn't go any further. I have been getting that bus now for four months into Broomhill without a problem until today. And no I didn't check the destination board - the number has always been enough - I have always gone right through to my destination and I have never experienced the service stopping at the hospital and coming straight back. I wasn't the only person that got caught out today. They should rename that half service 120A or something to differentiate the two routes.
  10. Chaos is the only word to describe it. The new timetables displayed at the stops are very confusing re the times, I could not work out when my next bus was due at one of the Flat Street stops. The number 10 TM travel bus should be at Arundel Gate at 1720 hrs according to the website timetable. However at the bus stop it states 16 mins past the hour. When I got to the stop tonight it wasn't on the electronic board and I am now unsure what time it is supposed to be there thanks to the conflict of information. So far I am not impressed with the changes!
  11. Hi Andy, I will be buying the Citybus monthly tickets - one thing I'm not clear on, can you pick the start date for your card when buying at a ticket machine, and do you get a new card each time or just top up the same one? Like the idea of getting tickets at paypoints too, very handy for those of us that don't work near the interchanges :-)
  12. Stagecoach run one every half hour from row D in the interchange, think its the 218 as already mentioned. When I went on it the other week it went through the Chatsworth grounds, lovely :-)
  13. The Red Cross have a centre in Sheffield and do different first aid courses, have a look at their website. I did a four day one to become a first aider at work which was excellent. And I got a certificate :-)
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