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  1. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/bins-recycling-services/bulky-hazardous-clinical-waste Hope this helps 🙂
  2. Try the auction houses/house clearance firms, particularly for the dolls house, many places are running online auctions but you will need to check the websites as I don't know if these were preplanned before lockdown, or if they are still taking in new items.
  3. Iceland are restricting their deliveries to over 70s, they are offering slots within the next few days. Morrisons are offering food boxes, I think there was something about them on the BBC news pages earlier today.
  4. And here! I am an Essex girl (no I am not a bit like any of the TOWIE stereotypes!) who moved to Sheffield over six years ago. I find Sheffielders to be in the main very friendly, I have had some lovely conversations with people on buses and in shops, although I have to say I rarely initiate a conversation myself as I am not used to it (and a bit shy!). Down south it is just different, a lot of us weren't brought up to be as sociable, looking back it seems a bit more artificial, pubs were strictly for Fridays and weekends (and they weren't as friendly and cosy as the ones up here). Many of them were closed in the years before I moved up, and shops, wine bars and restaurants took over many premises. It was definitely a culture shock moving here, but in a very good way!!
  5. If it is an android tablet you should have the Google App store installed, Apple devices have their own App store . You can then filter down to games, free, etc.
  6. The Corner Gallery - 635 Queens Road - The Heeley Bank Antiques Centre Sheffield Get Directions m.me/TheCornerGallerySheffield Call 0114 327 0835
  7. Here you go: https://www.thatsnonsense.com/why-clicking-on-unsubscribe-in-a-spam-email-is-usually-a-bad-idea/ 🙂
  8. The Protectors Double Deckers Banana Splits White Horses Black Beauty Robinson Cruesoe Rockliffe's Babies.
  9. And please don't click on the "unsubscribe" as that will result in more spam emails once they know the address is actively in use.
  10. The Charities Department at Wrigleys Solicitors can help set up the charity and ensure all legal requirements are met. Good luck with your venture!
  11. I have the same tuning issues, I have to retune my Youview box at least once a week, sometimes more, this has only been for the past year or so. I know it is partially weather dependent, when we have high winds or fog I lose at least 50% of my channels. Every time I retune I get different area options to select, last night was just Yorkshire or South Yorkshire, sometimes I also get East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I never know which one to go with as they all seem as bad as each other! My reception is now very poor on many channels, even with an aerial booster, so I can no longer record programmes but have to watch them on the catch up apps. Frustrating!!
  12. It's similar, same front cover but the content is slightly different. I only picked it up on the bus on Tuesday, my copy definitely says £51.20 for a 28 day Citybus 🙂
  13. Stagecoach in their wisdom have published a new leaflet giving the ticket details and prices - quoting £51.20 for the 28 day Citybus. Some new customers (if they are relying on this leaflet) are going to get a bit of a shock when the machine charges them an extra tenner.............!!!
  14. He has been found (thank goodness!) - update from the Police on Facebook - UPDATE: Missing 12-year-old Jamie O'Sullivan has been found safe and well at an address in Ridgeway. He is now receiving support from our specialist officers and our partner agencies. A 16-year-old Sheffield boy was arrested at the scene on suspicion of an offence under the Children Act. He is in police custody. A 45-year-old Sheffield woman who was arrested earlier today on suspicion of the same offence also remains in custody.
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