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  1. Sounds like Manchester has done exactly the same as sy police and is facing the same inquiries.
  2. It would take a child murdering pm to be more reviled than thatcher,blair is a war criminal and disliked,she is still hated.
  3. There will not be a national strike,unions have been gelded and have very little power now.
  4. We should be very worried that other police forces across the country are to be investigated ,it shows how bad things have become.
  5. The trouble is parking has never kept up with the many extensions at ngh ,so this needs to be brought up at the planning stage.
  6. Definitely no such thing as ghosts exists,after billions of human deaths not one person has come back to say what happens,doesn't that fact tell you something?
  7. Did you see the cartoon in private eye tim? it says that sy poice were to busy for 16yrs covering Hillsborough up they didn't have time to do anything about the grooming cases.
  8. Mafya private detective to the forum,got his suspect.But back on topic,it must be soul destroying to work and still struggle to make ends meet,when will things improve?
  9. Not a real answer to the fact that I put,just the ramblings of an infirm mind,I have a nice life thanks.Your "metaphors" show your ignorance again.However the rape of young girls is anything to do with leaving kids home alone I do not know,leave the drink alone for a bit,your mind could improve.
  10. Are you drunk or mad? of course if anyone is caught they should be hung by the gonads till dead.You put "on the issue of neglect there isn't one" then "they have to live with neglect and its repercussions".Whatever rape has to do with this is beyond me.As for neglect,I have children and have never neglected them, I may not be the perfect parent but never left them alone at that age,if I went to the shops they came with me
  11. Here you go again,collins dictionary,abandoned=given up esp to evil.If you were in a bar and said the same I would be saying exactly the same,I don't do keyboard warrior its a waste of time.Your use of words miss the point entirely,skirting the truth of the matter which is they neglected the kids and then this happened.
  12. You really are stupid not green,both parents were responsible for the safety of the children,they left them alone unprotected and you think abandonment is too strong a word to use,get real they are responsible and no amount of faffing about with words will change that fact.If social services went to a house and found the parents were out enjoying themselves while the kids were left home alone especially at that age,action would be swiftly taken.So why do you think McCanns are any different? is it because they are professional people?
  13. It's strange what 4 or 5 Chinese lanterns wired together look like when they are airborne.You do need some bigger tea lights to get higher and further and more reaction .
  14. Funny thing about banks bonz,is that when I had hardly anything in my account I couldn't get a loan but now they keep asking if I need one,40yrs too late.It taught me not to rely on anyone for financial help,so how anyone can use Wonga etc is beyond me.
  15. Ludicrous to have the temerity to suggest that they have any negative actions in this case? you are either as green as grass or just plain thick.Don't think that I am devoid of emotion,I have children myself and would be devastated if they were abducted,but I would never leave them alone at that age.
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