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  1. Does anyone remember Stan Oldfield, the Caretaker at Low Edges Junior & Infant Schools on Low Edges Road. He was there for what seemed like forever, up to him retiring in the mid to late 1980s. Lovely bloke was Stan and an accomplished photographer who always had at least a couple of his photos used in The Star calendar every year. Also his replacements, Vin & Maureen (can't remember their surname). They were there until the caretakers job was done away with and the bungalow demolished to make way for Low Edges Close which is the road to the new houses beside the school.
  2. I remember George Toothill, he was a Charge Hand in the Cluch Dept. Spring Shop. He was very anti-union, in fact I got the impression that he was anti-just about everything. A thoroughly unpleasant and obnoxious individual who definitely didn't like it when you stood up to him and told him to **** off if he tried to give you any grief. A nasty piece of work without a doubt.
  3. Does anyone know in what year C&A closed. It was across the road from Fitzalan Square. I reckon it was 1993 but her indoors says it was 1996. Anyone know for definite?
  4. The most beautiful for me is, without a doubt, the mosque at Heeley Bottom. And before anyone asks or comments, no I don't worship at that or any other mosque as I'm Catholic.
  5. Anyone remember a bloke by the name of Alan Maynard who worked there around 1967/68? He wouild have been about 18/19 at the time, was a keen cyclist, and lived on Hackenthorpe. He was a good mate of mine but we lost touch in the early 70s. I'd love to know what happened to him.
  6. Try Brackenwood Fencing & Landscaping. I've had them do driveways and patios at several of my properties. Their Indian Stone patios are really nice, although I understand that they do use other materials to suit the customers wishes. I don't use anyone else for this sort of work and although they don't claim to be the cheapest (top quality materials and workmanship never are) they are pretty competetive on price and the quotes are free. You can contact Darren on 07894 987888 (daytime) or 01629 810000 (Evenings). Email brackenwoodfence@aol.com
  7. Can anyone recommend a competent flooring fitter to install Amtico in a bathroom with a floor area 1.7 x 1.35 metres. It's fitting only as I already have all the Amtico and the adhesive. Was going to attempt it myself but not confident about cutting round the toilet pan etc. I need it doing ASAP.
  8. Try A1 Turf Supplies on 0114 2432647. Really good soil and only £30 a tonne last time I had some,which was about 6 months ago. They will deliver on a tipper truck unlike the builders merchants and DIY places who supply in a large bag which on average only contains about 800 kilos even though they charge you for a tonne.
  9. I came down Abbeydale Park Rise last night and was amazed at the Christmas lights that most of the residents have put up, not only on their own properties, but also on the trees on the grass verges. It's an absolutely stunning display from top to bottom and they should be congratulated for their efforts. It's worth taking a trip there after dark to have look. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Does anyone know what the really loud bangs were that were heard at about 9.30-10.00 pm on Friday evening (5th September)? I thought at first that it was fireworks but if that was the case they were the loudest that I've ever heard. Sounded more like a series of explosions similar to when oxygen cylinders explode, getting louder with each bang until the last one which was enough to loosen the fillings in your teeth. I though war had been declared, it was that loud. I was visiting a friend at Low Edges at the time and have since been told that they were heard on both Batemoor & Jordanthorpe. Any ideas anyone?
  11. Have a word with Darren Clarke at Brackenwood Fencing. He's done driveway gates at a few of my properties and I always use his company for fencing/gates, patios, decking and driveways. The work is always carried out to the highest standards and guaranteed, although it's so good that I've never needed to actually test the guarantee. The company is based in Coal Aston. Website http://www.brackenwoodfencing.co.uk e-mail brackenwoodfence@aol.com Phone 01629 810000 or 07894 987888. They aren't the cheapest but in my experience they are most certainly the best. Give them a try, the quotes are free so you've nothing to lose.
  12. I remember Pat, he was a really good mate of mine in the late 1970s when he was working in the stores at Archer Road, and IIRC he was a Shop Steward for that department. Last time I saw him would have been about 1988 and he had just moved onto Reney Avenue at Greenhill. Top bloke was Pat and I'm sad to learn of his passing. My condolences to his family.
  13. Looking for some advice on behalf of my nephew regarding his neighbours back garden security camera. The camera in question is on the neighbours house wall just below a bedroom window and about one metre in from the boundary. Problem is that it doesn't point straight out at the neighbours garden, but is angled at about (my guess) 20 to 30 degrees towards the boundary and therefore, it seems reasonable to assume, also captures images of my nephews garden. The two of them don't get on particularly well and when he asked the neighbour about it, suggesting that perhaps the camera could be angled to only cover their own garden, the reply was in the vein of 'f@@@ @@f, I will point it where I choose and there's nothing you can do about it'. Nephew has contacted the police for some advice/guidance but they apparently aren't interested unless the whole thing escalates into criminal damage/breach of the peace/assault or some other such thing. Has anyone had experience of this sort of problem and able to offer any advice as to the best course of action without resorting to knocking the camera off the wall? Is there any right under the law to prevent someone recording your comings & goings and what you choose to do on your own property? Legal action is a non-starter as nephew hasn't got the sort of money that this would likely cost.
  14. With that in mind, I would like to say that based on my numerous dealings with the man, both when he was a councillor and an MP, he was to say the very least obnoxious, and at best incompetent and disinterested. Not a pleasant person by any stretch of the imagination and one who always seemed, to me, to regard the working classes with contempt, very much like his hero Thatcher. For these reasons, along with his role as a police apologist in the Hillsborough cover up, I shall not be mourning his passing, in fact it brightened my day somewhat, to such an extent that I felt compelled to enjoy an extra pint by way of celebration.
  15. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Margaret Andrews (at least, I think that was her name before she married) who lived on Lowedges in the 70s & 80s. She married Fred Booker (later divorced him) and went on to marry Ernest Edwards (again divorced) and lived on Atlantic Drive during the time that she was married. I understand that she left the estate in the late 80s after the second divorce. She would now be about 58 years old. IIRC there were 3 children, but I can only remember the names Leigh (Booker) & Damien (Edwards). I would love to know what happened to her as we were good friends back in the day. Please PM me if you have any info.
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