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  1. First I like to thank Sheffield Forum for the help in making an idea into a reality. Towards the creation and setting up of The Arabic Social and Cultural Club, I am pleased to say we had our first meeting three weeks ago, and our second which was 2 days ago proved to be effective, productive and useful. The Goal of the club is to promote awareness and understanding of everything Arabic. The club is neither political nor religious. It is strictly social and civil. Whatever the politics, or the religion, or indeed the country of origin, the Arabic Social and Cultural Club welcomes every one! Members may be from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Sunni and Shia, Arab and non-Arab. The Arabic Social and Cultural Club covers various interests, activities and subjects such as - customs and traditions - social issues - language - history - food - picnics, travel, etc - issues related to employment - music & dancing - architecture - costumes and fashion - social concerns, beliefs and values, attitudes and motives - hobbies and sport - ideas and suggestions will be encouraged and warmly received Please feel free if you have any questions, if you like to join the fun you will be more than welcome. Thanks again to SF!
  2. You definitely can stay …. you are sooo good in asking the obvious
  3. Those with no skills are unwelcome here … so what skills do you have?
  4. It is actually less than 50 % W C So it isn’t .. I read more than 10 books about W C … including the latest by B J … I find him talented and strange … and still not sure about him as an individual
  5. on business … personal … private … public … hobbies ... interests ... you name it, and you will be warmly welcomed! :): Now, hit the keyboard :confused:
  6. As nationalism can be more powerful than bread … so can anything driven and powered by passion and belief ………. I can actually see Jeremy Corbyn as a powerful world leader … If you have evidence pointing to the opposite, bring!!
  7. Dear Tony Blair, R E L A X You say if Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader the Labour party won’t just face defeat but annihilation. If someone who 3 months ago was almost unknown can cause such damage .. can you really … …. listen; can you really blame an insect if her success contributed to the burial of a confused lion? (( Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself (e.g. "Everyone is out to get me"). Wiki ))
  8. I am neutral and agree with 70% of what Anna B says. I am ready to change my mind when convinced.
  9. On civil wars and economic disaster 3 minute video http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2015/aug/12/paul-mason-capitalism-failing-time-to-panic-video The neoliberalist capitalist model has resulted in civil wars and economic disaster, and it’s only going to get worse. Unless, Paul Mason argues, we take advantage of the technological revolution we are living through and create a postcapitalist sharing society. If we let prices fall and delink work from wages, we can save the world from disaster ... I personally think we are - the world - is heading towards something nasty … the whole thing just doesn’t balance …. like a boat meant for 6 people … my eyes can 60 on it … waiting for a little gentle push from unfriendly unexpected wave ....... that’s all it needs … to start running nowhere
  10. I think you are right … , perhaps the internet nowadays is making the difference. Give his/ her name to uncle Google and you get served every fact, rumour and whisper free of charge Try and Google: How many politicians resigned because of the internet
  11. Actually I had a great day today! I had a meeting with someone who might become so useful ….., I am self-employed and it is in my blood that my eyes and ears are always open for something new to explore … that meeting which actually came by accident went so well that a number of serious emails have already been sent to different parts of the jigsaw … I am happy today and consider myself extremely lucky … 80% luck, 20 % effort. Plus another interesting lesson I learned. 2 weeks ago I got these 2 potential clients … both asked and requested something that I considered odd and impractical … but they asked and deserved being treated as good customers …, and so I did. But soon after they individually and separately realised the way they placed their orders exposed their weakness, which was: they did not do their homework before placing their orders. After some initial struggle, all went better than good ! One I am certain would unlikely contact me again … the other is more relaxed about his error and could become a regular customer
  12. Follow this: - You have a partner … nothing strange there, is there? - You may have kids …. normal I guess - you work somewhere called X .. your future depends on the Boss B … nothing odd so far - the children go to school S .. they seem happy and you are pretty satisfied … the head teacher HD is an ok guy … nothing unusual - Have you thought about if your partner is in fact a communist? - or if your Boss B is actually an atheist? - or if the head teacher HD is seriously from a working class background? What I am trying to say is the observation that when it comes to the daily issues that matter to everyone of us, we don’t really care beyond what we consider important and paramount ….. side issues become irrelevant with no effect to our decision making process … if this is the case then why do we bother ourselves with points and labels such as - and there are hundreds - he is liberal .. no, very religious .. a unionist .. Who c a r e s What is the point? Why are you bringing to important issues something irrelevant ... actually a distraction why don't you focus a bit? Please explain
  13. Capitalism ...... socialism .....etc-ism ... pick and choose anything you like, .... ultimately: 1 + 1 = 2 Soon when the general public become sharper and more focused they would vote for a successful manager … someone who can manage things and make them better with limited resources ( example: 2 people, each started with £10k. A month later one is left with £11, the other £12 … simple, no? ) that is management and success. Is he capitalist? socialist? … who cares? Principles and ideals do nothing to the starving …. they do not solve a thing … that debate is old and no longer valid … today people talk about food banks … young uni girls doing escort work making £ £ …. and … and …. capitalist .. or … socialist ?? ---------- Post added 11-08-2015 at 20:59 ---------- In any issue with any problem .. be it personal .. political .. running a country …. the first thing that should be done: Identifying the problem … understanding it … , for that to happen one needs to be awake
  14. Look at Greece’s last election …, Spain …, and now the wave hitting the Labour party in UK …., all indications point towards one thing: People are waking up … slowly but waking up … and getting smarter and more difficult to convince and persuade Waking up because they found out that they had been taken for a ride for a long long time ( … we still are to some extent … eg: giving a bank boss £2m bonus while the bank is still in intensive care supported by public money ) …………… I look at it this way: 20 years ago no one would have thought it possible the USA electing a black man for president …, not any man but a very smart and honest one - someone who isn’t just black, but had been against Iraq war before it started, a stand very risky to take but the public knew better than, and successfully resisted, the expert ( media & co = big money ) …………….. Another example: who would have thought there would be a day where you could pick in London the Evening Standard newspaper for free … and the paper is still in business! …………. who would have thought groups of protestors in Washington DC and New York city calling themselves the Tahrir Square Revolutionists? ……… I am not English and feel able to see things without colours and/ or spices … , I love this country that I consider my true home because of one thing: the decency of the British people, .. unlike any other, the British are simply unique … have always been! The opposite can be said about the ruling class …. often I am just shocked and speechless! ( I often ask myself: what makes and how come a wonderful people choosing someone not worthy of even cleaning my own shoes? - I am originally from Africa .
  15. As a complete neutral and an observer: I personally think the end of the Labour party is near. ( evidence: where is Gordon Brown? Ed? His brother? TB - No one is even bothered to ask … ) Again, as a complete neutral and an observer, can a political party survive when a fairly different and fresh leadership candidate get slaughtered by …., not the Conservatives … but by those who thought and felt they built a solid self-serving empire but discovered a gentle breeze took it away in less than 3 minutes? To me it is a clear indication that the party has no foundation to stand on That was my neutral point of view
  16. I wasn’t expecting what you have said even though I am certain you understood the substance of the topic ---------- Post added 11-08-2015 at 14:15 ---------- of course we do ... I think we need to change the way we decide and select ... otherwise it will remain the same I am not blaming no one !!! ... but it is clearly against simple logic what TB said ( again please, I am no enemy of Labour, nor a supporter of any ) .. Name & signed: a simple minded man ---------- Post added 11-08-2015 at 14:19 ---------- I do believe we do need politicians, but politicians who show respect to our intelligence. If you know of an alternative please provide ---------- Post added 11-08-2015 at 14:23 ---------- I have to apologise and say: I honestly do not understand what you are saying. If you care, please try using more direct approach to the message .. with thanks! ---------- Post added 11-08-2015 at 14:40 ---------- Anna B (( Are the politicians of today an insult to you and me? I should say so! Do we deserve it? Unreservedly not. We deserve far better.)) Explain this to me please: how do you say you deserve someone/ something better than the one that has been voted in and their actions? It is our choice … you get what you pay for, no? (( When a decent honest man, who does none of the above, appears and puts himself forward for office, the final nail in the coffin is the cynical act of voting for a man they detest, whose values they despise, purely in the hope that he will bring down the Labour party.)) If the system is flawed - if the tank is leaking - why didn’t they fix it? Frankly if the above is true then I am now less convinced that they are capable of running the country … if they could not save their own party, who expects them to save the country?
  17. Can I start by saying: this topic is not in support of any political party, or against a particular one. It is written with as much neutrality as possible … so please keep your personal ideology and support on one side …, and try and see why I consider the politicians of today behave in a way that doesn’t make sense, counter-productive, …. and soon they will be history. I do however believe that we do need politicians, but politicians who show respect to our intelligence. Look at this and you will understand my point: please try and follow the logic 1 - The other day we heard Tony Blair publicly saying that he was not in favour of selecting Jeremy Corbyn as leader to the Labour Party. Fine, so far so good, TB is free to say what he likes 2 - TB’s ex-right hand man, Alastair Campbell, recently said, publicly, Choose anyone but Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader. Fine, so far so good, everyone is free to say what they like, I have no problem with that! But because they both expressed their feelings not privately, but publicly, that means they are trying to have an influence on a wider scale. Again, that is also fine since everyone can do acceptable things publicly and try and influence whoever they wish .. I even say to them good luck! But when you see a piece on the BBC titled: Why is Tony Blair so unpopular? , …., well, things start not making sense ….., well, Look at it this way: if someone is not only (( unpopular )), but actually (( soooo unpopular )), his attack on selecting Jeremy Corbyn would most likely encourage more people to select the very one he is actually against. Isn’t he clever? … I am sorry to say it is a big insult to my little brain … and feel I probably deserved it
  18. it was how I felt and my opinion ..
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