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  1. my son has just received a fine yesterday from the company G24 he was photographed entering the car park on the retail site where the big Toys R us store is on the 18th of December at 3.13pm, he exited at 6.55pm. 3hrs 42 mins. to do shopping and eat oh and park his car. is this a legit fine, definitely one way to put anyone off doing their shopping there, also the letter is in very small print we've had to get the magnifying glass out to blooming read it
  2. i will be doing that now Bilbo gone, and cage all scrubbed out ready to go thank you also how do i close this post
  3. He already has found a lovely home, my friends daughter took him, and i know he's gonna be well looked after as she as another 4 but i do have the cage, bedding and all other accessories available, just cleaning out the large indoor cage
  4. My son's guinea pig (Bilbo) 2yrs needs a new loving home, I will only allow him to go to someone that can love him as we have, and hoping someone that knows about taking care of them. we love him dearly, but my eldest son is struggling to look after him, as he is at college and then trying to job search aswell, hoping to start work in the summer after college is finished. I am the one left to help look after him, although this is ok with me to clean and feed, i cannot catch me and sit and brush or stroke him as my little girl want let me. please Bilbo needs more loving than what hes currently getting please only reply if you can give him this Bilbo is free to a good home only but if you are wanting all the accessories cage, house, bowl, bottle, sawdust, hay, food, brush, disinfectant, nail clippers (£30) i have photos of Bilbo that i can send on request collection or visit him (to make sure he's right for you) Maltby
  5. thank you, but looks like its a 3 bus journey
  6. need to know if you can get a bus from Rotherham to Norton in Sheffield, if so what number bus is it please??
  7. Just to let people that the Norton aerodrome driving centre is now open for you to practice. £25 per hour to go out with an instructor in his car £10 per hour in your own car bikes and HGV will be there too. only been open for a few weeks so just getting up and running cafe there, so you can relax and have a drink whilst waiting looking into other things to, so give them your support, ring to book lessons SAFETY 1st Paul 07807813427 Andy 07854494473 my son really enjoyed himself today, even wants to back again tomorrow, Thank you to Andy and Paul, also Marion, I'll see you all again very soon
  8. got lots of antique things that im getting ready to take carboot tomorrow, as wanting to get rid so i will upload some pictures ---------- Post added 29-03-2014 at 13:20 ---------- dont know how to up load pics, image shack no longer working
  9. hi i have got some silver ware that is very old all we can see on the coffee pot is patent handle 3245 P (FLAGPOLE WITH W&H) K ABOVE) 3067 large suger pot with 30 (flagpole W&H) L below 3067 milk jug same as above but without the L does anyone know how to read this please
  10. thank you peaches Hannah cried, but i've told her give Bilbo a week on his own and we'll assess again.
  11. your pm box is full, i cannot get to you today as i am not having a good time today with pregnancy, and im at hospital tomorrow
  12. thats my problem at mo, I did get him from *Peaches* in January, and i would let her have him back as i know where he'd be going, but im not quite right at the moment for driving
  13. I have 2 guinea Pigs, one likes company, the other doesnt and prefers to be on his own. today my children were cleaning them out, and we'd put them into a box so that the cage could be cleaned well. the loner pig started to bite and fight the smaller pig, and i stupidly put my hands in to grab him and he bit me hard. this has terrified the kids and they are now scared of them. i cannot take the role of looking after them from them as i am pregnant and not able to do the lifting. alone this piggy is fine, but i do not want to put them back together I didnt think pigs could jump, but my god did the little pig jump of of the box after being attacked like that. Please if any one can give him an home, he is waiting in a box for collection, it really need to be today, as i dont have anywhere else to put him. collection is from Maltby, Rotherham
  14. a know a lady that has a couple of resue donkeys
  15. just bought her a coolpix from Asda, £45, so not to bad, and she gets the cd, pouch, memory card, best of all it new and boxed.
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