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  1. the stupid method of sales has peed so many off, we season ticket holders could not receive our usual seats, membership cards could not be used for downloading tickets , a mess, its on TV and of course so many part timers shall be saving for the wembley trip !! not a surprise a few tickets left.
  2. cant call it ! traveling over from Skeggy, nervous is not the word, so close i just hope we deliver, like the Fulham game, Its time the Blades had some play off fortune. All we need is a 2 goal lead to take to theirs,in my opinion.
  3. One does feel for the genuine supporters, the loyal 22,000 . The banter i have enjoyed so far , has been light hearted , As we all know if the Blades **** up we shall get it back 2 fold. However , the " mind the gap" phrase will remain , all the Owls praying the gap does not increase, like we cheered on Sunderland , they shall be Forest fans for the week. Thats the banter a city like Sheffield deserves. So its onward to Saturday, yes i shall be there, but i promise you will not be shining a light!!! what the hell was that about? any truth 15,000 Owls were on the sat nav app?? trying to get out??
  4. how wrong can one person be???
  5. really hope the genuine 21,000 supporters have a great day, !!!! not a win a great day... all the fans need to have a serious word with them selfs and ask, why are the club in such a state??
  6. yep ,renewed mine, great value, more so if we reach the promised land !! sadly that value is reduced with the vast increase in fuel prices and a petrol guzzler.
  7. A flag day is to be held before the Fulham game, starting from 9am, in the grounds of the Sheaf House pub on Bramall Lane, the pub opens at 9am, all United related flags both local and nationwide are welcome.
  8. Bring back Wilder ..RANT OVER..bye
  9. As a life long blade , and life long knocker of the other, as a past member of the site , when banter and having a laugh was acceptable. I return to comment on the shameful state of Sheffield football. Both clubs have a fan base and loyalty many other clubs can only dream of , we are in a state of rudderless ships, chairmen who have no clue ,loyalty or ambition other than money! One club that failed to back the "managerof the year" JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO. The other club that has a chairman who sponsors his own shirts, stands and owns non trading companies that sponsors the rest. Both relegated , both badly run, both rubbish at present. Sheffield is a laughing stock , Its not a time for point scoring or banter. Its time we/you all woke up, took your shoes off, got in the car parks and told the bosses whats what !!
  10. Time for one Moore before the end of season too.
  11. We must take heart from last seasons performances against spurs , i was at the away fixture be it a draw, we gave then a proper football lesson, even with VAR against us. Yes we are underdogs, but anything is possible .
  12. yes knew of Jimmys passing was a great footballer, and a fair singer.
  13. played footy for them as a school kid, had its benifits drinking Mansfield at 42p a pint, free ad admission to the night club. 1976-78. Jimmy Wilson the scot bouncer .comes to mind .
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