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  1. Bring back Wilder ..RANT OVER..bye
  2. As a life long blade , and life long knocker of the other, as a past member of the site , when banter and having a laugh was acceptable. I return to comment on the shameful state of Sheffield football. Both clubs have a fan base and loyalty many other clubs can only dream of , we are in a state of rudderless ships, chairmen who have no clue ,loyalty or ambition other than money! One club that failed to back the "managerof the year" JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO. The other club that has a chairman who sponsors his own shirts, stands and owns non trading companies that sponsors the rest. Both relegated , both badly run, both rubbish at present. Sheffield is a laughing stock , Its not a time for point scoring or banter. Its time we/you all woke up, took your shoes off, got in the car parks and told the bosses whats what !!
  3. Time for one Moore before the end of season too.
  4. We must take heart from last seasons performances against spurs , i was at the away fixture be it a draw, we gave then a proper football lesson, even with VAR against us. Yes we are underdogs, but anything is possible .
  5. yes knew of Jimmys passing was a great footballer, and a fair singer.
  6. played footy for them as a school kid, had its benifits drinking Mansfield at 42p a pint, free ad admission to the night club. 1976-78. Jimmy Wilson the scot bouncer .comes to mind .
  7. A great day for the Blades, a win against Birmingham will but us in a great position....
  8. The Owls are on a roll, and have both Leeds and Norwich to play, the Owls therefore have a say in the automatic play off positions, if the Owls won both it would help the Blades quest for an automatic place, and help the Owls quest for a play off place. Hence the thread ..do we Blades now cheer on the Owls??? what a season for Sheffield if the club double came off, sending a real message to the footballing world. In my opinion Preston will also have a say in the run in, playing many of the top teams while also hoping to make the play offs, interesting times.
  9. As a Blade ,i hope Bruce gets it ! the award is a curse.
  10. Am glad the Derby is out of the way, we can now work on promotion. The conditions did not help last night, United wasted 10 corners, and god knows how many fouls contributed to the ref with a liking for whistle blowing ! A poor match, a fair result, but a point a disapointment for both clubs/
  11. just read on Facebook the Blades have been allocated another 1000 tickets !! perhaps its another lie?? Oh wait its on Uniteds website...must be a big lie !! can any one confirm thats over 3500 now?
  12. AM SURE IT HAS, but unlike the lanes capacity of around 32,000, the police allow gates up to full capacity, give or take a 1000 for the big games. What is the Owls official capacity against allowed attendees?? i have just looked up on the wiki, and it states the ground has a capacity of 39,700...if we take off the police restrictions that should leave a gate of 34,700 on Monday. Why were United not offered the lower teir?? its not as if the Owls dont need the revenue..
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