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  1. Holy Necro thread but it's coming up time to renew my driving licence Photo does anyone know where there's a booth to get this done in Thanks
  2. Do you mean take some off the bottom , or some off the side ?
  3. For those who don't know the Invictus Games Uk Trials are taking place in Sheffield on the 22-26 July if you can please go give the Girls and Boys your support
  4. Cost depends on a few things ,type/style of roof, type/style of roof covering ,how you want inside finished ,but first off you need to make sure the framework will take the weight as some need reinforcing first depending on the above
  5. When was it done? ,years ago all Lintels were timber ,and had to be replaced fromtime to time if not maintained correctly ,you still find them now. Modern requirements are either re enforced concrete or steel lintels depending on span and what weight is being carried ,if in you are worried as above talk to a structural engineer
  6. Are you in a position to get a mortgage and buy him out of his half?,surely the rent would cover the costs on this if it's already free of mortgage
  7. https://pse.com/accountsandservices/Construction/Documents/3061.pdf
  8. https://www.valleyroadroofingsupplies.co.uk/
  9. It wasn't 20 mins ago coming from Chesterfield and I doubt it will be for rest of day
  10. My far better half still does me a pack up of 2 breadcakes with different fillings daily ,crisp and a small choc bar/mini pepperami not that healthy but better than buying every day
  11. Am I missing something here ? All passports are valid till they go out of date no matter what colour so when that is you'll end up buying a new one anyway ,so really it's just a redesign and not cost the multi millions as we'll all be getting one at some point or other to cover that cost it's just an upfront cost that we as holders will be paying back
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