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  1. Hi I hope this is allowed, I’ve started a brand new u8 age group and we are desperate to get funds in to be able to purchase gear we need, it’s incredibly difficult to successfully get a sponsor to fund the ammoujt we need so we are going to sell raffle tickets for £10 and the winner of the raffle will secsesfully become to sponsor of the away/training kit of our team. For more information please message me Cheers
  2. We are a newly formed team (age group) and are looking for players to come and join us for trails, games and training at steel city in s5 Contact Lewis 07713183467
  3. For our local u7 junior team. Training Wednesdays 18.00
  4. DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO SPONSOR THE COACHES TRAINING GEAR FOR OUR JUNIOR U7s FOOTBALL TEAM FOR £10 Instead of asking a small business for a lump sum, we are selling raffle tickets for £10 with the winner drawn at the end of July - the winner will become the sponsor for our training gear. Please message me for more information ! Please message me if you are interested
  5. Hi any teams out there that can play us in a friendly We are next seasons u7s and are looking for regular games going into next season
  6. We are currently look for a sponsorship to fund our new teams tracksuits for the new upcoming season which we will be entering as under 7's If anyone would be interested in looking at helping us out, please message me cheers
  7. My RTA claim has now got to the stage 3 part and I've received no minimum offer, my solicitor has said court proceedings will be issued tomorrw and I'm just wanting to know had anyone ever had to deal with this. My solicitors valued mine at£3400, and the other side offered £2400 My solicitor told me I'd receive the minimum offer today which I haven't So does anyone know time scale of court proceedings and a pay out or even pay out of the offer they made ?? Cheers
  8. Which solicitors was that, mine said that the days the minimum is paid they will pay it straight in to my bank ?
  9. That's correct for the current situation, but my solicitor said they now have 15 days to pay the amount they have offered and they rest will be paid after it's settled in court. So I was basically asking do they always pay the minimum offer up in the 15 days
  10. Just after about if advice, I received my solicitors valuation which the oppositions insurers refused to pay and made a lower offer. Now the case has reached stage 3 and I've been sold they have 15 days to pay the minimum offer I received. Will that payment actually be paid within 15 days or will they drag it out more
  11. My partner got her full amount for redundancy, but the 2nd payment has been agreed today for the loss of notice, which has a minus £361 for her not claiming any benefits, however we arent entitled them due to my earninsg, is this right , surely not ????
  12. Where in sheffield can i get my little lad who's 4 some football classes
  13. im looking at buying my own home in the very near future, but my credit report is very poor due to been silly when younger. i am in the process of setting plans to pays these off but what is the chances of getting a mortgage sooner rather than late thanks in advance
  14. where currently are running leagues for 5/6 a side i live in s35, chapletown area but can travel
  15. Hi, just looking for a bit of advice, Starting to manage a u7 side this year and was wanting some advice from past experience managing and training tips wise for these lads. I cant wait to start but been new in to the managing game i was just hoping for some advice
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