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  1. Harbord

    Field Hockey

    I've been told about a hockey team wincobank way that welcomes all ages and all levels including beginners. Any teams in the S8 area or at least that end of town? Interested in getting involved. I know about abbeydale sports club but from what I can tell they're of a higher standard and not welcoming beginners. Thanks
  2. I'm nearly 40. Haven't played football for nearly 20years. Love the game. Used to play mostly recreationally (at a pretty low standard). I can't believe there's not loads of people like me that wouldn't fancy getting back into it for a laugh and a couple of pints after. I want to see if there are at least 9 more of you like me up for having a go and laugh. And a post kickabout pint obviously!
  3. Sounds good mate. Will message you my details
  4. I haven't kicked a ball in over 10yrs and am not interested (nor capable!) of joining a "proper" team or taking it all too seriously. Kickabout in the park (or hire something if people are up for it) - even a bit of headers and volleys is what I'm talking about. A chance to have a bit of a laugh and maybe a pint or two after. I'm in the S8 area (if that makes a difference). Anyone interested let me know and let's see if we can sort something out. The social aspect is as important as the football - don't want anyone after a proper team being disappointed!
  5. Harbord

    Peugeot Repairs Specialist

    Thank you, appreciated
  6. Harbord

    Peugeot Repairs Specialist

    Does Steve Plain only do Pugs? He has been highly recommended to me and I have a vauxhall. Thank you
  7. Harbord

    Best Film Of All Time..

    "Quit playing with yourself Hooper......" - one of my favourites.
  8. Harbord

    Best Film Of All Time..

    Definitely a good idea to break this up in to categories but my first scatter gun salvo - Jaws: Quint is one of the great character creations. The movie itself stands up to any modern blockbuster too. The Princess Bride: As watchable and enjoyable now as when I was a kid myself. Looking forward to watching it with my own. Pulp Fiction: You could watch this on mute and be entertained or just the audio and still be blown away.

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