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  1. I would like recommendations for a trusted double glazer for survey and quoting of genuine glazing repairs / requirements for my house which has several blown units. Thank you
  2. I've been told about a hockey team wincobank way that welcomes all ages and all levels including beginners. Any teams in the S8 area or at least that end of town? Interested in getting involved. I know about abbeydale sports club but from what I can tell they're of a higher standard and not welcoming beginners. Thanks
  3. I'm nearly 40. Haven't played football for nearly 20years. Love the game. Used to play mostly recreationally (at a pretty low standard). I can't believe there's not loads of people like me that wouldn't fancy getting back into it for a laugh and a couple of pints after. I want to see if there are at least 9 more of you like me up for having a go and laugh. And a post kickabout pint obviously!
  4. Sounds good mate. Will message you my details
  5. I haven't kicked a ball in over 10yrs and am not interested (nor capable!) of joining a "proper" team or taking it all too seriously. Kickabout in the park (or hire something if people are up for it) - even a bit of headers and volleys is what I'm talking about. A chance to have a bit of a laugh and maybe a pint or two after. I'm in the S8 area (if that makes a difference). Anyone interested let me know and let's see if we can sort something out. The social aspect is as important as the football - don't want anyone after a proper team being disappointed!
  6. Does Steve Plain only do Pugs? He has been highly recommended to me and I have a vauxhall. Thank you
  7. "Quit playing with yourself Hooper......" - one of my favourites.
  8. Definitely a good idea to break this up in to categories but my first scatter gun salvo - Jaws: Quint is one of the great character creations. The movie itself stands up to any modern blockbuster too. The Princess Bride: As watchable and enjoyable now as when I was a kid myself. Looking forward to watching it with my own. Pulp Fiction: You could watch this on mute and be entertained or just the audio and still be blown away.
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