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  1. I'm now sold out on Xbox 360. Some available for the PS3 version (same price £38 / £39.50 delivered).
  2. I have them in stock - as per the f/s section - £38.00 collection from West Street / £39.50 delivered to your door (payment via. Paypal / Google checkout).
  3. Will do; thank you. But hmmm... How complicated (read costly:hihi:) is programming them from scratch?
  4. Right on. Something like this : http://www.mystudiyo.com/?gclid=CNnE1-zI75ICFQ5BMAodt1vmwA But something that I can customize (questions & pictures etc), download and put onto a CD...
  5. For a CD rom that my colleagues & I are putting together, we're looking to create a customized puzzle game & a quiz. I've googled all day and there are tonnes of tutorials & software to make them online, but I can't figure out how to put them onto a CD Any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded (if that's what it takes LOL)
  6. :hihi: hilarious! I came up with mine as a throwback to a poem I wrote (back when poetry writing was cool) about how I think that just like we watch them, the stars watch us as night too (life on other planets & blah blah blah)... but I don't think people get it ... I think people just think that star_gazing was taken
  7. right there with ya but I had mine professionally done for this reason - minus a wind machine it was like a model photo shoot ; so I've got no complaints about it
  8. He says yes to cleaners and that they're getting better with repairs - within the week usually but that there's usually no need to call them out
  9. One of my friends lives there and they're very penthousey; they have *everything*. Apparently it's noisy on Friday&Saturday nights if you're on the first floor on the side facing West Street. But he says that you drown out the noise after a while- and besides there are many other floors you could live on! It seems like perfect place to live - if you can afford to do so...
  10. I used to think the same, but a lot of places don't accept debit cards- especially online. But like suzan, I too haven't paid a penny of interest since getting my credit card, because I clear my balance at the end of the month. Apparently the problem starts when people start only paying off the minimum balance every month & let their debt spiral out of control.
  11. Will we ever get to find out what really "happened"?
  12. Am I the only one who thinks that 'The Verdict' is the same show... only longer and with celebrities
  13. SPOILER SPACE ... Will Smith saves the world The worst of all time: Soul Survivors which (actually) ends with it all being a dream(!) The worst this year: Epic movie
  14. Er... What? First of all, Shilpa herself said that she was a victim of racism whilst in the house. It has been speculated that she began to retract the statement after she was informed (by Big Brother) that racism is a criminal offence in this country. Shilpa is an intelligent woman and simply doesn't want to add more fuel to the fire. As for: I beg to differ. Every country has prejudice in one form or another. In countries where the majority of people are of the same race, socio-economic divisions or division by tribes/areas will form instead. In India there is still a caste system (though not legally) where some people are inferior by birth. Watching the stark difference in what Shilpa is doing in comparison to Jade, Jo and Danielle is great. Danielle seems to have gone into hiding and Jo & Jade are crying on every television show that will have them.
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