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  1. His name just came to me . David Drabble .
  2. The camp was probably at Hesley wood. As for Sunday school , I can’t remember his name but the teacher was a a big member of Sheffield cricket lovers society , and he spoke with a slight lisp . Back to the scouts , I played the bugle in the band .
  3. So while the subject is still hot, some names have come to mind from lansdown rd ,sharrow lane . and the old 139th S johns boy scouts. any updates would be appreciated . John Richardson. Roger Hunt. Michael Hunt> Harvey Faber. Roy Ratheram. Johnny Mangles. Johnny Briggs. Stewart Mosely. David Donaldson. Peter Deakin. Mike Grayson "139th" Roger Wade "139th" Roger Stevenson. They must be all like me now getting on a bit.
  4. Big Georgie,His other election chant was Vote Vote Vote for Joan Mellors. Do you remember this. Happy Hour Oh its jolly fine ,Its for children under 99 ,, All are welcome . Seats are given Free. Sheffields Happy Hour is the place for me.
  5. Hi Elainetame. boy did you come up with memories of my childhood . i dont know if you will remember me ALAN HARDY .i lived at #88 . my mom and dad were Irene and Fred and next door were my grand parents Jack and Dora Dewhurst . The Allens lived at #66.Doreen is my Aunt and Bernard was her husband, and so of course Mick and Steve are my cousins . Mavis Porter lived next door to them in the same yard along with mrs Bradley. I remember mavis had a famous friend, the swimmer Jill Slatterly. all the names you mentioned i remember well. I have lots of happy memories . i shouldnt admit this but i still have the original cast iron Lansdown Rd street sign which i "aquired" opn one of my visits home . Its almostfour years since i have been back over the pond due to mr Covid. i hope to be over later this year but i dont know if i will recognize the city with all the constuction going on .
  6. I first met Spencer Davis a few years ago at a pub in Culver City . We got to chat often and he gave me a c/d of his latest songs . A few years later I worked on Catalina Island during summers and learned he was living there .. I would go and see him and his group play whenever he was in one of the local bars . He still sounded great and would still have a chat . A really nice guy .
  7. I remember Johnny Hammond and the bakery . I lived at #88 . A few doors down was another friend , Johnny Mangles. and farther down on the other side of the street was Johnny Briggs . We lived directly opposite Fanny Robinson’s shop .
  8. Tiny caps you put in a cigarette end that went off with a bang when lit . and of course stink bombs .
  9. David ,Thank you. would be surprised if anyone did after all these years out of the country but its wait and see .
  10. David, I started sharrow lane in 1955 so I just sneak in. I was there till 1961 and moved to Newfield ( yes I failed my 11 plus ) would love to come but my last visit to Sheffield was a couple of years ago and it will be a few months before I am back for another visit. It has probably been to long and I have been away since 1975 , please see if anyone remembers me. Alan Hardy, from Lansdown Rd. Thanks.
  11. Is this the Giovanni who worked as a waiter at the old Omega in the early seventies ???
  12. Funny, I was just thinking about that the other day. Sundays was about the only day it ever got used except for Christmas when we would use it to play with our presents. Hornby train set one year ,scalextrix ( ? ) another etc . I would keep my Easter egg collection there all neatly displayed in a glass cabinet. Sundays was a treat when I was allowed to put the old zinc bathtub in front of the fire and listen to the black and white minstrel show and sing something simple on the radio. but as was said , the front door was hardly ever opened.
  13. The Star Cinema on Ecclesall Rd. 5d downstairs , 7d upstairs. Had a shilling so would go downstairs and spend 7d on a choc ice and two packets of crisps with a blue salt twist. If any of this you understand , welcome to retirement club. also if you took an empty pop bottle or jam jar on some Saturdays you would get in free. S H A Z A M
  14. i have not heard of anyone mentioning it but i was told as a youngster that Reggie played the organ at the now demolished Cemetery Rd Congregational Church in S harrow. Has anyone else heard this ?
  15. Pkingy. Glad to hear from another turnip carver. Yes I do remember ,finding a large one was not that easy but ( carving ) one was not easy, more like slicing off the top and attempting to scoop it out. triangles for eyes and nose and a wavy mouth. I remember the smell of it when you put a candle in it. that was back in the late 50s or early 60s. Thing was when it was done we didn't know what to do with it. NA THEN WOTS THIS TRICK OR TREETIN THAS ON ABAHT . Now on Halloween we carve three or four HUGE pumpkins with an artistic flair ,and buy a load of candy. About a hundred or so kids ( and some not so young ) come to our street in costume . some of them can be pretty amazing. All these miles and years away and I still think of those turnips on the 31st. By the way its my moms birthday on the 31st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.
  16. If I remember its full name was C & A Modes.
  17. Re "Who tha nebbin at " I think it comes from the word NEB which is the name for the peak on the front of a flat cap. As it is directly above the eyes it is pointing straight at you when someone is looking right at you.
  18. hi riffraff. Still got mine along with four others on the team. Did your dad work at the omega at that time. If so what's his name,
  19. Paul. if I remember, Monday mornings me would empty the fridges in the room at the back of the kitchen. scrub them clean and mop the floor. Some names I remember. Ted Johnson - veg chef. his wife did the sweet trolley. Frank - fish and poultry. George- Pot washer. He wore the worst wig ever. Violet- head dish washer. Rene - dish washer .She said it was RENEY we called her REENI I did the salads and hors d, oeuvres trolley. Where you there in 1966 when Santos of Brazil played Sheff weds . They came to the Omega for the reception in the Alpha room. Chef John Mason put out the spectacular buffet ( with a little of our help ) Glazed hams . whole beef tongue . Whole salmon. He made a spun sugar vase with tall sugar roses . Those were the days. All the beef came on the bone. Lamb came whole .Veal was a whole leg. I had to trim them all. Going back to the buffet , at the end we were all invited to come out and meet the team. I picked up a programme of the evening and PELE signed it for me , got to shake his hand. If you remember any of this let me know,
  20. Paul, I started at the OMEGA in August 1965. John Mason was the chef. when did you leave ??
  21. That word is a blast from the past. Used to eat it out of a hot penny bun on the way to school . It jogged my memory , and all these years of not realizing my old buddy was having sherbert at the pub. he would come home Kalied. !!! ( sorry I couldn't resist it )
  22. Just asking, but this is not to be confused with the Porter Cottage on Sharrow Vale Rd is it. Sorry but years since I was in that area.
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