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  1. That person clearly wasnt talking about sheffield council then. Efficient and reliable are two words that definately dont describe this council!
  2. They (the parents) did know about the missing panel and still let het go onto the area. Awful situation, parents were negligent also. Awful situation for all involved
  3. Might help if you say what area. I hope you find your pooch. ---------- Post added 13-02-2014 at 16:18 ---------- Ive pm'd you and could help look while i walk my dogs. Just need to know where in s6. Its horrid when they go missing!
  4. I have had installed presto vinyl flooring and want to contact the manufacturer. Cant remember which carpet shop fitted it. Ive googled but cant find the manufacturer. Thanks
  5. Im seconding this as total rubbish! Physiotherapist did NOTHING to help my back. I tried 3. Then someone recommended a chiropractor and it took 2 sessions and I felt as good as new! ---------- Post added 11-02-2014 at 14:26 ---------- Chiropractors are qualified!
  6. Hillsborough clinic. Brilliant! Me and friends been going years.
  7. Some of my family live there and cant wait to get out. Theyve found a house in a nice area and are moving soon thank god.
  8. Police presence high. Always on cop chase programs, i know people who live there and hate it and cant wait to get away because of how rough it is, crime ratings are high, it doesnt look pleasent, it has people like you living there who cant face reality!
  9. What facts do you want? The manor is rough with a lot of rough people!
  10. Calm down you will give yourself a heart attack!
  11. Can this thread not turn into a pro staffie or any other breed specific please. I hope the guide dog gains his confidence. I have a golden lab and would be happy to meet up and help socialise. Shes soft as a brush.
  12. Isn't Parson cross, Manor, Firvale etc... Already like a zoo
  13. Its normal for us to have this once year. Never known it so late in the year though.
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