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  1. Thank you all for your advise and suggestions
  2. Have you got the physical disk for windows 7? If so would you sell?
  3. To expensive and I really want him to have a friend with him always. I am a softy when it comes to him
  4. Hi I am starting a new job after Christmas and am worried about leaving my dog. He has never been on his own for more than a few hours. So I am looking at getting a friend for him. The trouble is I want to get a female boarder terrier 6-8 years old. Can someone advise me where to get one please?
  5. Thank you all very much for your answers it has been very helpful. My dog and I look forward to many more long walk and journeys together.
  6. Never heard of them and I go passed all the time. Thanks a lot
  7. Hi I have a boarder terrier who loves to be out and about. The trouble is we have walked everywhere in Sheffield and as beautiful as it is we need somewhere new. So I thought the Peak District is close but was wondering how easy it is to go there on public transport and will it be okay to take a dog? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  8. Thanks I will have a look into that
  9. Hi I am selling some Star Wars graphic novels and need advice where to sell them. I have tried eBay but because of the weight involved the fees soon go way up. They are part of a story and don't really want to break them. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. I have recently started to volunteer at a local charity and while there have spoken to people about fitness. I have been very shocked to hear a lot of people say that they have very little help to no help at all. As a result they no longer feel comfortable going to the gym. I want to know how many of you have had a similar experience or even a positive one?
  11. Thanks to most of you for your answers the subject has now been sorted and I am pleased to say no harm was done. The man was in his rights and I am satisfied with the result. I am sure that plenty of people here have seen people misuse disability spaces and rights before.
  12. No his friends don't have disabled badges neither do the builders who use the space when they come round
  13. He gardens extremely well for a disabled person and walks from his car to the house fine with no help. I would say the council has been had on this one to be honest.
  14. Hi I live near some bungalows one man in particular has a parking space. Recently he has had a disabled parking space put outside his house but hardly uses it. When he does it's just for dropping the shopping off or his friends use it when they come round. It is a busy street as it is and I find this highly unfair that he has done this is there anyone I complain to about this clear Miss use of the space?
  15. That's a really good thing hope he keeps it up
  16. Don't be daft obviously I had my parents there to help but I don't come from this new age where you get a certificate for showing up for class. So where do we play football? Jumpers for goal posts again? Going backwards not forwards. The sports centre has enough room it doesn't need empty fields waiting to be used.
  17. The gym is better that is hard to argue with but you can learn to swim anywhere I learnt in a lake while on holiday. But the football pitches are terrible the so called grass routes programme makes people pay to play. I enjoyed taking my nephews and friends for a kick about now where are we supposed to go?
  18. Hi a year and a half ago I completed a diploma in health and fitness finish the whole thing in five months I also got a award for outstanding contribution to sport. I am partially sighted but this never stopped me from doing what I wanted but like I said this was a year and a half ago and I still can't get a job. I applied for 50+ jobs so I have lied on two applications had interviews but when I came clean never heard from the employers again. Have you had similar problems? Do you think even though there are equal rights there is actually no equal rights?
  19. Taking your dog for a walk in the fresh air will soon be taxable
  20. I know what you mean it used to be great to take my dog to and play football with my nephews. It's a shame they have taken so much space and ruined the whole field. Will the two new football pitches be public or private? The centre is rubbish as well it's just like they moved the old one to a new area with a bigger gym.
  21. Hi I have just got the destiny collection and now finished the campaign. I now want to do the raids and weekly challenge even the pvp. Is there anyone out there wanting to team up? (yes I am a newbie but learn fast) Send me a friend request via PlayStation or here SuperAllan27 Thanks!
  22. I honestly don't know just different and strange haha no they aren't the residents
  23. I went to RNIB college Hereford and while there gained a diploma in fitness and won a award for outstanding contribution to sport as well as glowing references its now been over a year and still no luck getting at job. I fully believe employers just don't want people with disabilities working for them.
  24. Hi I have been noticing a lot of houses round Chapeltown, Burncross and high green with scare crows outside their houses. It's way to early for bonfire night does anyone know why people are doing it?
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