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  1. Hi all, Does anybody know anywhere in Sheffield (pref close to S6) that will blow helium balloons up?! I have my own balloons just need the helium, I have 29 balloons and 2 big numbers. It for this Friday! Thankyou in advance
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody could recommend or knows of a DJ with the proper lighting / sound equipment to do a 50th birthday party. The party is on next Friday 28/03/2014 and will be needed to start at 7PM - 11:30PM. The venue is in S6 near Hillsborough and i am wanting 'up to date' chart / popular music to be played. Sorry for the short notice as the original DJ we had hired had just emailed me and let us down! Quotes welcome please. Thankyou in advance, 07568395321 sophiedarwin@icloud.com
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