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  1. I heard a radio advert today for some company that pays cash for scrap metal; they'll pay out to people that don't have a bank account by giving them a special card that can be used at cash points to get their money. What legitimate person doesn't have a bank account?
  2. This risible position you're taking avoids the issue which is that rich nations poor and starving are not our responsibility.
  3. The simple fact is is that it isn't our responsibility to feed the starving in a fairly well off country, it has to stop, its a total no-brainer, unless there is something else going on here; perhaps the money that the UK is giving to India is compensation for historic colonialism, dressed up as "aid".
  4. How about the idea of the entire bottom half of the premiership going down and the entire top half of the championship going up at the end of every season? That would put the cat amongst the pigeons.
  5. Unite, working for the rights and conditions of working people, god they're terrible aren't they?? tell me, what aristocratic family are you from?
  6. My post is pretty self explanatory, and I think you'll find that its right.
  7. ........................................................
  8. If the united nations state that access to the internet is a human right then councils should ensure their tenants be able to receive broadcasted television signals.
  9. I knew some <removed> was going to respond with something like that. First of all Its not her that is wondering about this, its me, and secondly no I don't think that washing machines and cookers etc should be as standard, but given that council properties are fitted with the required plumbing and gas pipes ready for washers and cookers etc, why not an ariel ready for a TV?
  10. My mum lives in a council property and she says she needs a new ariel and has been pricing them up. I'm surprised they're not a standard feature on council properties.
  11. Hillsborough shops ought to be more(only slightly more) upmarket to cater for Stannington, Loxley, Worrall and Walkley instead of Parsons Cross, which has Firth Park and perhaps Buchanan shops and places like that.
  12. I work in the private sector and some of the senior managers I have worked for have been next to useless.
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