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  1. I feel for the women greatly, and the lads parents and feel anger towards the irresponsable behaviour of the lads to go staggering around drunk in the road. I was the driver that killed the man outside the Belle Vue pub (just behind Cricket Inn tram stop) a few years ago. Driving at 32mph, collision at about 20-25mph the guy still died and suffered many visible broken bones. Speeding or not if a drunken man walks out in front of somone in that manner they are going to be seriously injured or die. Whether I was speeding or not it was proven he would have suffered the same fate. Ironically I work in traffic management and carry out the design and implementation of road safety schemes all the time (especially traffic calming schemes), I think some speed limits sould be reviewed and some camera sites are laughable, especially some roads they enforce in light of others *cough Sheffield Parkway *cough* (last thread mentioned) Having a speed limit over and under what seems natural can cause problems, driving under causes tailgating, and makes some drivers angry which has proven to cause accidents down the road or on overtaking manouvers, over is obvious greater injuries to pedestrains and drivers in accidents ect. You need balace, but to choose a speed limit, off peak surveys of traffic should be undertaken and go for something around the 85th percentile of the results (more detailed reports and safety audits would be undetaken), Penistone road, in my experince I'd go for 40mph with all the activity been signalised anyway. If you have a beef with any speed limit contact traffic regulations in Howden house, they should be able to give you some insight when the legal order was made and to what clause and section of the traffic management act, you could speak to your MP or a councillor and try and get a traffic survey done but you would probably hit a brick wall.
  2. I have and have regretted it, my car was set on fire after been smashed up by some little turds, I have also seen brats from this area destroying other things and ganging up on older people. They have made there mess let them live in it, i know loads of Jamacan imagrants, especially the older ones that have been here many years and are disgraced what has happened to the area. All the parents fault, its mostly shildren of parents that dont give a crap, are junkies or some are just twisted them selves, you also get young children from good families but they are normally hanging around and been led by the disfunctional ones. I still go to pitsmoor but dont park in the dodgy areeas and try and avoid confrontation, you cant stick up for yourself without the threat of been stabbed frmo these people. BEWARE some roads are better and a lot safer than others some I wouldn't think twice about walking down, others you would have to pay me, some of you are just lucky and not ran into a group of drunken yobs that would rather stab you then look at you. They especially go for 14-25 year olds on there own or in pairs that look vunerable (lets say less 'ard then them). Pitsmoor is bad, but these people are everywhere just a higher percentage here.
  3. Personally I recommend no trafic management constraints on the Parkway, whats the point of even enforcing it the way they are? There is no real nee to enforce it as it can handle a higher speed than 50mph. There are np ped crossings, the coupkle of junctions are easy to tackle. But they could start by putting the terminal signs at the recommended 1200 (900 miniumum) size recommended by the Department for a 70mph dual carriageway approach even if it means removal of the one on the central reserve. The repeater signs should imo be 600 not the 300 and they could be at more intervals just like the lone sign on the splitter island where the camera van is parked, to me that is the only sign on that stretch that you can read and take notice of. They should put up signs just after the speed limit well in advance of the camera, and at the 2 junctions informing people that there is enforcment ahead and move the camera site around the 3 suitable locations I can see randomly. This way everyone would have slowed down in ample time and over a long distance getting the most out of the enforcement as you have covered a large area. The way it happens now is, usually the drivers that see the camera at the last minute slam the anchors on down to 40mph (10mph under the limt) and cut you up pulling back into nearside lane. Some people get caught (which is not meant to be the point of the camera). This method DOES NOT WORK at this location, it works at the end because it slows you down before the signals on the approach to the roundabout, I drove down the Parkway yesterday night, you get the odd person that drives 70mph all the way up to the junction before the camera site then slows down, you get your usuall good drivers doing around 50mph all the way, and still get the idoits that abuse the fact that most people are obeying the limit in the nearside lane and think WTF and fly down the offside. The camera site has done nothing as far as I can see.
  4. That is not always the case, it is very easy to slip over the limit in force especially on a road such as the Sheffield Parkway, people tend to drive at what is comforable, and a limit for a road should be choosen on the speed that people tend to drive, notably the 85th percentile in most cases, unless there are other factors such as junctions ect to consider. I work in road safety and traffic management, and am of the view that cameras should be used in a certain manners and are most cost effective if advertised by trafic signs dircetly before the area running up to the camera. The Parkway is designed to a 70mph standard, has no pedestrian crossings, and there is certainly no need for camera at the Manor junction at 8pm at night. I am in favour of cameras at certain spots and this is not one, this is the camera partnership making money or putting on a show after a fatal acident, which is more likely to be caused on such a road by some lunatic loosing control travelling at excessive speeds around the corner just after the camera site. The bull they try and force down our throats about certain camera sites reducing accidents and fatalities can be over aggagerated easily by a thing called "regression to the mean". This is basically when you get a cluster of accidents in a period that spikes and following the data they decide to put a camera at that location. The following year they release the statitics of how much that camera has lowered the accidents and fatals, but these show a unfair picture becuase after you get a spike in accidents, the following year is much more likely to have a lower cluster anyway as the stats go back closer to the average for a normal year. Also things such as heaveir traffic on certain roads make driving safer by slowing people down, many things come into affect, the goverment and the camera partenership making out the camera did it is bull. I am in favour of cameras, but as for the Sheffield Parkway, I say no. Other traffic management constraints should always be tried before a camera, one of my preffered but maybe not one of yours is vertical and horizontal deflections, which would obviously not be suitable for the Parkway, but enhacing the signing could be a start as its very bad on the Parkway.
  5. I think but can't confirm its the new location for Westfeild Secondary its a 25 year PFI project, and about time to =)
  6. New to board but thought Id chip in, Parkway is still open, if you drive up Duke Street up past Park Hill you take your second right, (not the entrance near the bus gate). You drive past the doctors car park and follow the norrow road around under the first floor footway, you then have to turn left into another car park and the Parkway is at the end. Parkway was also on "worst pubs" or was it "roughest pub" in Britain programme
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