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  1. Hi Chefkicker At the time he was 4 and really wanted to do it and they where the only ones in the area that offered it for his age.
  2. Try The Network Sheffield, they run meetings every month. Brunch Club is 2nd Thursday of every month, small charge and brunch is included in price. The Network Sheffield @ Jurys Inn, every 3rd Thursday is free to attend
  3. I received a 30 day free trial offer for the Castle Martial Arts (Castle black belt academy) and my son was very interested in going along, so I attended the first 'private' lesson - more like a sales pitch. And my son really wanted to go. I am serval dyslexic, so informed the member of staff I couldn't read well, so could he explain what he get me to sign. The member of staff proceed to inform me of the free 30 days trial and if I paid for the VIP programme I would get it cheaper. So I agreed thinking that if my son changed his mind I would get my money back as it was a FREE 30 day trial and the moneys paid was for the VIP programme after the inital free trial. My son attended his first class and he was the only on of his age, most was quite older them him and he was quite shy, a couple of lessons in he had a little accident as he felt he couldn't say he needed to go to the toilet and after that he didn't want to go back, so I requested my money back and was informed that it was non-refunable and my son should carry on going to the classes. I thought I better get someone to check the coontracts, but I couldn't find a copy of the contracts in with the stuff they gave me when I signed up, I requested a copy of the contract to find out that the staff member had me sign up to a VIP Programme, waving the 30 day free trial. I have two questions: 1. Does anyone know if they have a right to keep the money? 2. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  4. You can get a free listing on yell.com You can also list your business on freeindex.co.u If you are planning on going networking try thenetworksheffield.co.uk who run a free networking event on the 3 Thursday of every month (20 June) also run a brunch club on 2nd Thursday (13 June) - costs £8 but have guest speakers. If you are a small business I would join the FSB (federation of small businesses) rather than the Sheffield chamber as they do more for small business and do some great networking events
  5. I agree with the comments you have already had - It is not very clear what you are offering. In regards to the right hand menu - Most people read from left to right. The point you have put below is very useful to know the saving you could possible make rather than a %. Hope this helps
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