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  1. Are Poolsbrook the only local parkrun with a Christmas Day run?
  2. There seems to have been a distinct lack of activity on the site of the demolished library in Woodseats with no sign of the planned new combined library/medical centre due to open next year. Have tried Googling but there's no up to date info about progress. The plans look great, but is it actually going to happen? Anyone know anything about it?
  3. Children are welcome at Graves Parkrun but the parkrun ruling is that under 11s must be accompanied by an adult and must stay within arms length of them so if your 7 year old is faster than you, they will have to run at your pace.
  4. I would opt for a shot of the Bishops House, including Meersbrook Park and the view over the city from there.
  5. Have you considered linking up with U3A? Sheffield has the biggest U3A group in the country so it would save you starting from scratch. Good luck with your plans
  6. I'm taking an elderly friend to the Montgomery Theatre in Surrey Street in the evening and need to park reasonably close by so that she doesn't have to walk too far. Can anyone suggest somewhere:- preferably that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!
  7. 3 years ago Manchester marathon had a similar problem with long queues of runners waiting on a bitterly cold, wet day. The organisers admitted that the system hadn't worked, apologised and got it all sorted out for the following year. Hopefully the Sheffield organisers will take note of the feedback because in every other respect it was a superbly run event.
  8. It does make such a difference having people cheering you on especially when, like me, you're a slow and steady plodder!
  9. Believe me, when you're a slow plodder like me, having people cheering you on is a massive help!! ---------- Post added 11-04-2015 at 14:41 ---------- I think it was a good move handing it over to the Tomlinson organisation. They have a good track record of running events, and although the new route, with the climb up to the Norfolk Arms, is going to be tough, at least it marks it out as being a completely different event from last years fiasco! Shame they didn't keep Sheffield in the name, but all the runners I know are still calling it the Sheffield Half! Good luck to everyone running.
  10. As from April 1st it has been taken over by Places for People and details are now on their website.
  11. I moved to Sheffield 8 years ago from just outside London and the first thing I noticed was how much more courteous the majority of drivers here are. For a start, people do actually let you out into traffic. Down south you have no option but to gradually push your way out. Also, in my experience, it's very rare not to receive an acknowledgement if I give way to another driver.
  12. Places for People are taking over Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre from April so hopefully they will be doing Les Mills classes there. As the OP is an SIV member, he should have the option of transferring membership.
  13. I understand that it will go ahead when the new company, who will be running Graves, takes over in April.
  14. Sheffield auction house by Heeley Retail Park are very helpful and donot charge for valuations. You can go in without an appointment on any Tues Weds or Thurs
  15. I have no confidence in Yodel's ability to deliver anything. We were waiting for a modem from Virgin. When it didn't arrive we contacted Virgin and luckily they chased Yodel up. Apparently Yodel sent it to the Northampton depot instead of Sheffield. From there our modem went to Southampton where it disappeared without trace in the depot there! Fortunately Virgin sent a replacement which Yodel did manage to deliver, although 24 hours later than they promised. If you look at Yodel on You Tube there are a lot of CCTV clips showing their idea of responsible delivery!!
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