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  1. this is usually down to the pins or jumper. check around pins to see if dry joints have appeared around the solder if possible.
  2. The Commodore Amiga and how advanced they were for the time. Also if you had one, what it was used for ?
  3. Sorry for this but Windows 7 good for none touch, Windows 8 for touch. Better to not mix the two. As for Linux......... ---------- Post added 17-06-2013 at 21:14 ---------- Oh yeah I forgot that my wife bought a new laptop with 8 on. She hated it as laptop was new and not touch screen. So a new hard drive and 7, shes happy now.
  4. Thanks to all for the welcome and I may see you somewhere in here lol. Thanks again.
  5. yet another noobie to Sheffield forum. Looking forward on how I settle in. Wish me luck and thanks to you all.
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