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  1. hi. new classes starting 31st of January, now based at Penistone community center, Friday nights. 7pm till 8, private classes for small groups can be arranged
  2. Ha ha ... Listen to the sound of 1 hand clapping !!????? Lol
  3. Thanks fahrad, yes mate there going ok, its good to see afk doing as well as thay are mate, some of your fighters should spend less time trying to slag off people they don't know and just get on with training ;-). Lol. Keep meaning to pop in and say hi ,keep up the good work pal
  4. Woman,s self protection classes every Thursday 7 till 8.30. Oughtibridge Wesleyan chappel , oughtibridge.. First class free £4 after. Ask for more details
  5. Thank you! No I do not run the coarse , the three guys who run the coarse are very Experianced not just im martial arts but in the real world of violance as well, my experiance is nothing to do with it , and as far as the level I trained at, what's that got to do with anything???. Ronin self protection is an awsome class , ran by top trainers. Try it or don't! End of ---------- Post added 29-07-2013 at 16:27 ---------- Ps. I trained at afk for 4 years and although I am not a great standed. The training was and as I know you train there is that your question answered !!!!
  6. Its at the source building next to meadowhall, first class is free £5 a session after, its Brill I highly recomend it
  7. Depends what you want and wear you live pal. 2 or 3 reAlly good clubs in shef
  8. Not at mo mate its being redone. But its defo worth a try I did martial arts and kickboxing for ten years and this is defo best training iv done . First class free or pop down and watch mate
  9. Ronin self protection classes every Tuesday 7 till 8.30. Not for the faint hearted. This stuff is the real deal, to stupid Kata or 1000 year old techniques that once under pressure crumble. Realistic training for the modern violent world. First class free
  10. Wsp. Womans self protection classes every Thursday 7 till 8.30. In oughtibridge. First class free £4 there after. Inbox or reply for more details
  11. Woman only self protection classes. Thursday nights 7 till 8.30 oughtibridge westleyan chappel, church street oughtibridge, first class free £4 after. Come and give it a try or just watch.
  12. As chef kicker said . Simon herbet from pro fitness is defo worth a try a lot of my friends have used him with amazing results ,id defo say he's your best bet and he's based in s35 too
  13. Womans self protection classes every Thursday 7 till 8 in oughtibridge
  14. Womens self protection class tomorrow night 7till 8. Westleyan chapel church street oughtibridge. First class free
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