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  1. Sounds good to me. I regularly use the Sheffield to Manchester line, both to get to Manchester and to visit the picturesque places including Grindleford, Bamford, Edale etc. along the local stopping route.
  2. I'm certainly not looking for perfection here - this is after all intended as an amateur publication, to which Lynch fans of all walks of life can contribute. Educated certainly isn't a requirement. As I said, an article on Eraserhead isn't all I'm looking for, so if you did have an interest in writing about Lynch - even very loosely I'd be willing to consider your offer. Ta.
  3. You know too much! Although if you wanted to write an article slagging Lynch off I'm not against publishing such things too?
  4. There are some argumentative gits on this forum.
  5. Can't believe anyone wants to attempt to troll my thread. There are better ways to spend your time... Thanks to everyone else. Hope that's right about the 10:30 finish, can't really afford a taxi back to Wadsley Bridge.
  6. I'm skipping this year. I think it's a pretty poor line-up considering it's the one they're starting charging for. Only bands I would want to pay to see are Summer Camp and Slow Club.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has any inside information about what time Richard Hawley might be going onstage at the Graves Park gig on Saturday 13th July -don't really fancy the support act, and the more time spent in the Cross Scythes the better. Also, any idea what time the gig finishes? I need to arrange our travel back, and missing the last 53 would be disasterous! Ta very much.
  8. Don't think Sheaf View is particularly scruffy. Well apart from the toilets. I like it. How about The Ship Inn at the bottom of Shalesmoor? They still do Stones, and the pool table is pretty cheap, as is the jukebox. It does have a slightly depressing clientele though.
  9. That's extreme... think I went to Leeds Festival as a 14 year old!
  10. As a kid I always remember thinking the slide at Meersbrook Park was massive. It's really not!
  11. You do know the standing area is usually 14+ don't you? I only say because it's generally the standing area that sells out straight away, you'll find seated tickets (although I'm not sure to what standard) usually available much later into the day. I'm happy - managed to get two standing tickets this morning on the fanclub's pre-sale. Not cheap mind.
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