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  1. What league are you in? And where is the home pitch? I've not played for a couple of seasons but am looking to get back into it.
  2. We are still looking for a couple of decent players for next seasons under 11's, ideally a striker & defender if anybody is interested....
  3. Second week pf trials this wednesday if anybody inyerested, message me for more info.....
  4. Sheff 6's under 11's for next season are looking for new players. Movedup to a new facility at Dungworth. Require goalkeeper & outfield for 9 aside. Must b going to Y6 in september. Contact if interesred...... many thanks
  5. Sponsor wanted for under 11's football team next season. To pay for kits, equipent, fee's etc. Contact if interested.
  6. The best at what he does regardless of what division he plays. You dont need to be 6 foot + or be as fast as usain bolt, to stick it away. Top lad too.
  7. My nephew goes to little messi's and loves it. I think they have sessions around the city
  8. We are looking for a sponsor for a under 10's football team for next season if any local businesses are interested. Please message me. Every little helps out with the increasing costs.
  9. Have a look on sheff& hallamshire website, you can filter to your local area and kids age
  10. Have a look on sheff & hallamshire website. You can filter a search to age and nearest to your location
  11. i would guess Swindon town as one?????
  12. there's a place at grenoside attached to a salon/beauty but I think the waiting list takes ages
  13. there's a place at ecclesfield, think its called the hydrapark industrial estate???
  14. Cheers for all help both if you, appreciate it. Bladesmen30, what time are these sessions and do you need to book?
  15. Hi, wondered if you have any advise..... my nephew is this age but lives s6 area so too difficult to get across city for 5. Do you recommend any teams in this area? thank you
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