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  1. Just saw this, sorry for the late reply. I believe the owner has retired. Colleague of mine went there to book her car in and they were shutting up shop.
  2. Pinders are definitely more print-shoppy but they have a good amount of stuff in stock.
  3. Went to get some stuff from Carson on West St. and it was closed down! Looks like they are gutting the inside. I don't know where to go now for stationery in this part of town, short of going right down Fargate to Smiths.
  4. It's definitely not new. Perhaps it's being improved again 12 years on.
  5. Sorry to necrobump... but has this place closed down now? Just went by and the windows were whitewashed out.
  6. That's good news, I can't deny it could have done with a lick of paint... Next time I'm round there I'll be sure to see how it's going.
  7. Sorry to bump an old post, but has this place closed? It's an old favourite of mine but I've been able to get over there in a while. Was round there last week and it looked like it was no longer doing business...
  8. Why not just put it up online? It only takes a link and you can appease those who wonder how the candidates are chosen.
  9. According to their announcement they have only invited the listed parties. I wouldn't go so far as 'sham' but it's ironic that a group called 'Sheffield for Democracy' is picking and choosing the candidates it wants for its hustings.
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