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  1. Cheers hm buddy glad you are having a good in. We are loving it but a good few things to iron out over here yet until everything is final. The pace is much slower though and we are loving that at the minute though it isn't suiting us as we are both used to being run busy but I'm sure we will get used to it. Great win for us last night I would have been happy with a draw before hand so obviously elated. Was annoyed as found a live stream but my internet wouldn't stretch that far. Also well done united. I saw read up in paper this morning and it seems you came from the death to steal 3 points. Its results like that when your not playing well that get you promoted. Anyhow a bit of cloud over here at no but still hot so sweating the gonads off. What's the situation with Pete anyone? Hope to hear he's well? Top bloke, all the best fella.
  2. Another shocker from Costa he simply isn't good enough for the premier league and won't do owt at chelsea. Come on grand come out of hiding as I think 7 goals already says you are wrong about Costa?
  3. You know what its like corker you never get a reliable write up in the media. Of course I had to rub it in about the heat a little bit be rude not to
  4. Hey up all. Just laid out soaking up this 30 degree heat so thought I would check in. My internet would have beenvswallowed up if I listened to our match yesterday so I left it be but saw the result and all things said and done I am happy with it a good point in fairness. Good win for united as well I see against an in form Rochdale. If anyone went up to Bolton wants to sum it up for me I would appreciate it loads. Anyway its blooming warm not that I am complaining hahaha
  5. Hello all, Thanks for the kind messages really kind of you all. Just sat at the apartment with a coffee in the sun by the pool as it is a little early in the day for San Miguel for me. Bought a mifi thingy and Spanish Vodafone sim for net as we need it for addresses and numbers but won't be on too much. Anyhow thanks again.
  6. Cheers for the kind words lads appreciated! Will nip in when all is sorted just not sure on the internet situation for at least the next couple of weeks while we are out there sorting things out.
  7. Cheers mate, I lived over there for a few years when I was younger so I'm used to the heat but the wife might struggle but she will get used to it, she will have to
  8. Speed limits exist for a reason! If people set off in good time to allow for the journey then it isn't an issue is it? I will say it again, a couple of extra minutes on a commute to potentially reduce risk and save lives. No brainer if you ask me! If you think any different then that is your problem but I bet your opinion would change if it was you or any of yours who got hit by a car!
  9. As a former publican I receive a circular quite often with the pubs that are up for offer or whether for sale or lease and I noticed the turf tavern being offered in that a few weeks ago and was shocked to see it myself. Being in touch with the local Sunday Football leagues as well I know that The Turf have always had a handy Sunday league team as well and having friends over that way I know it is a regular watering hole for Sheffield United's handsworth supporters as well. Overall the weekend trade must have been half decent.
  10. As far as I am aware it was passed in parliament that should any councils wish to lower any speed limits they have to notify drivers in advance via notices on the road that they wish to change. As far as I am aware there are no laws as to how big the notice has to be therefore it may well have been in small print on A4 paper wrapped to a lamp post for all I know. In addition to this the council have to notify people by means of an advertisement in a locally circulated newspaper therefore they must have done this as well, again this doesn't necessarily help anyone who doesn't purchase The Star. As far as the speed reduction stands it seems pretty standard these days and in all fairness if it is by a school then I am all for it personally, after all what are a few minutes saved on a journey? If it helps keep kids and everyone safe then it's worth it.
  11. Off on a top secret mission to secure financial investment for the football club I love On a serious note away on business for a couple of weeks minimum from tomorrow in the wonderful and hopefully very sunny Spain. Myself and the wife are hoping to secure long term property over there as I have had a pretty decent work opportunity that is too good to turn down in the long run. So here is to hopefully a fruitful fortnight or more. I have to admit the thought of moving away from my Beloved Sheffield Wednesday pains me but hopefully if it does all happen I will be able to get my updates from you guys on here? Fellow Owls please sing a few choruses for me in the ground and help them pick up the points. Anyhow peace out and speak upon my return.
  12. http://www.glynmooreent.co.uk/userimages/onemanband-2.jpg I hear you had a blast Aaron! Pity nobody else turned up though eh?
  13. Would just like to wish our saviour and protector Mr Milan Mandaric a very happy 76th Birthday today. At an age where he probably wants to get his feet up on the Yacht with a nice glass of Whiskey on the rocks, he continues to look after our club for us until he finds the right person to take over it. Хаппи Биртхдаи Милан (Happy Birthday Milan) and thank you.
  14. Thinking about the news coming out of my beloved Wednesday today I just wonder what everyone else thought about the impact that foreign owners are having on the British game as a whole and in some instances the total disregard that they have for the club that they buy into and the proud history that it holds. You only have to look at Cardiff and Hull to see how a clubs history holds little relevance to the new owners. At Cardiff the owner comes in and decides to change the colour of the kit that the club has play in for a century or whatever and then at Hull the owner wanted to change the clubs name simply as a commercial stunt. You read about the new owners coming in and literally controlling all aspects of the football club, one particular foreign chairman was rumoured to have even been recruiting his own players and telling the manager who to pick and what formation to play computer game style despite having no previous experience. When it didn't work out he was then said to have got rid of the manager. Then you have the whole changing the name of the ground for commercial reasons. I suppose this is the lesser of possible evils however I would hate it if anyone came into my club and wanted to make it anything other than Hillsborough. My club are now at a stage where we know our current owner wants to sell up however looking around I am worried about who wants to buy us and what the new owners would want to do with our Club. I want an owner who knows what Sheffield Wednesday are all about and doesn't want to change that. Our name, kit and ground should always remain as they are.
  15. As for the sponsorship on the shirt if they haven't paid anything then get it stripped off. Milan has shown he isn't bothered about shirt sponsorship money in the past so he won't miss it this season. It would be nice if we slammed the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity back on the front if you ask me. After all a shirt sponsorship is just an advertisement board that benefits somebody else it might as well be benefiting the good cause.
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