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  1. Hi everyone, I'm putting together a new group of emerging literary talent in Meersbrook/Heeley, so ... we are Looking for new OLD- YOUNG writers and anyone else interested in writing about age or what it means to be young/ old/ in between - come share with us. Are you in the middle of a short story, at the end of a final draft of a novel, putting together a blog, come to a constructive, focused writers group. We are Interested in young adult fiction, a young or ageing protagonist, tales on the Peter Pan years, the mid-life, quarter life crisis, growing up in special or interesting scenes or other modern dystopias. The group will meet for a twice a month review, submitting anything they want to share at least a week ahead. It will be hosted by a local author at cosy creative home- in Meersbrook- other areas welcome. The meetings will focus on trying to make it as a writer whilst learning from emerging local talent. WE ARE NOT JUST LOOKING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, ALL AGES AND EXPERIENCES WELCOME! Things we could cover….. How to get an agent, how to get published, noticed, run a successful blog- and or make money for it, making the most of social media How the meetings will run, Structured and unstructured meetings, members can take turns hosting something they are particularly passionate about sharing. Please respond on here if your interested in coming- first meeting in a couple of weeks :-)
  2. Is any one in Sheffield looking for a workout that fits round how they live? A workout that doesn't ask of you to be up at 6am lugging tyres or signing half your non working week at the gym. Does any struggle through 'sessions' that hurt for the benefit without considering the fun of the process? I think the team at zoo Fit can help... Conceptualised by someone that genuinely enjoys activity, Zoo fit is more than a boot camp to: shed muffin tops, or get rid of bingo wings. It's a lifestyle adaptive adventurous session ran outdoors in the park. we run a menu of sessions bearing in mind we are all different species when looking for the right workout. If you only have 20 minutes to give us after work, that all we need to work you out properly. If you want a lie in Saturday come at 11.30. where is it? tucked away in one of Sheffield's less well known parks and beauty spots- off Chesterfield road the A61, Meersbrook Park is a stunning space with varied terrain with the training potential just as nature intended. Please contact me for more information: 07581099920 ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 07:08 ---------- Your first Zoo fit first sessions are free, who fancies trying one? Put it into your summer training plan, runners, sportsmen, general fitbies looking for something a bit different.. I'll post website zoofit.co.uk ---------- Post added 03-06-2013 at 07:12 ---------- First session went well. Great participator feedback from the tough mudders. Mens health top circuits,hill running,agility and reaction time training and loving in new directions. Best crawling crab crawling,skipping,standing and circuits. Next one Tuesday 7.30pm
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