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  1. Hi, unfortunately, not yet. Most of the people prefer to play in bands or create one. So..still looking
  2. Hi! I play on guitar and I'm looking for someone who would like to spend some time with me to play together, just for fun. I don't want to create a band and join to any, just 1-1 playing and having fun together. You don't have to play on guitar, it can be everything. I'm 25 years old and I would be really happy to meet people who are not much younger/older. Please contact with me in this topic, by PW or by e-mail, thanks!
  3. Hi guys! Thanks for all replies! I think it's true that if I want to get fit, I need to rethink my life, instead of just participating one sport activity. I've noticed now that I've become so lazy, even short walk to city centre, which is close for me, makes me tired sometimes so I prefer to drive everywhere. I used to do ABS in home but I don't remember when I did some exercises in home.. Wickercamp looks nice but I don't like an idea of fighting with someone..I understand that there is a safe environment but I just don't feel it. I was reading similar topics on forum and found this: http://sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk/ Do you recommend this place? What I can see on their website, I don't have to fight with anyone at all and it looks like exhaustive activity!
  4. Hi! Thanks for reply! It sounds really interesting, but I'm not really sure that it will help me to get fit. Surely it will help to gain some muscles and strength in some parts of my body, but I think I'm looking for something, what can help me to get "generally good condition". Does anyone have another idea? Thank you in advance for all of your advice's!
  5. Hi! I've noticed that I'm getting fatter and fatter, month by month so I've decided to find activity where I can move a lot and do a lot of exercises! My problem is, I do not know a lot about martial arts. I'm looking something, where I can after training, feel really tired. I don't know what I should try so I'm asking here for an advice guys. It would be nice to do something what could let me get fit (I know that all martial arts do it, but some of them focus less on it, some more). I prefer to do some exercises with people, instead of repeating one movement (like punches or kicks in the air) thousand times. I do not care about self defense at all. I do not need to achieve "black belts" or other awards as well. all what matters for me is to: -get fit - enjoy training with others, instead of staying alone in the corner of the hall, repeating over and over same exercises Can you advise me something please? I know that they are many martial enthusiasts here, but please, try to look at what I am asking for, from a distance, do not try to just recommend me your club, it's not going to help me I suppose. Thanks!
  6. Hmm you might be right. I worked for guide dogs and used to swim at swiss cottage with my blind friend, so maybe I had some discounts without knowing about them. I've been in another, much smaller swimming pool which is located about 10-15 minutes from Ealing, and I had to pay 2 pounds, it was "Better" council swimming pool, so I thought the price in this small swimming pool and swiss cottage is the same
  7. I don't think I was lucky or it's outdated. It was half year ago when I was swimming in London Swiss cottage swimming pool and it was just 2 pounds per session. http://www.better.org.uk/leisure/swiss-cottage-leisure-centre All "Better" swimming pools belong to council and all of them have usually the same price. There might be many reasons why swimming in Sheffield is little more expensive as I can see. Thank you very much for all of these links, I think I'll give it a try. I'm not gonna give up with swimming only because it's little more expensive here
  8. Chapel town is 4 pounds for an adult. Is there any swimming pool with prices around 2-3 pounds per entry pay-as-you go?
  9. Oh, I see...so there is no alternative. Thank you very much for all of this info. I'm quite surprised that it works in that way, in many countries you just pay for a test, and test centre provide you a vehicle.. These links are very helpful, I will make a calls for sure, it looks much better. What if I get here a proper training and fail module 1 or module 2? Do I need to pay again for the whole course/training?
  10. Thanks for replies! Believe me, in my country I will get the same level of professional instructors service and spend same time with them. It is cheaper not because motorcycle instructors in my country are less experienced, it's because currency is different and many things are cheaper. I believe that here, for 500 pounds I will be perfectly prepared by professional instructors, the thing is, I can get the same for a lower price, so why not to try? Yes, that's the problem, I can't even ride for a test without proper licence, and I do not wish so. Is there any motorcycle test centre which can hire the bike? I do not mind to pass my test in Leeds or Chesterfield for example, as long as I would be able to hire motorcycle from test centre (it would solve the problem). I'm 25. As I know, to be eligible for direct access I need to have at least 2 years experience, while I have nearly 1 year. What you mean by saving money? If you mean, saving by passing A licence (and not be restricted at all of engine size) I do not need direct access in this case. I am not a very big guy, so I do not think I would like to ride anything bigger then 500cc. I am sure I will be happy with 250cc for a long time, I do not ride a lot. It sounds too good to be real for me Are you sure about this? So basically, if, let's say I come back from summer holiday, and spend in my country many hours off-road and on-road with instructor on A2 bikes, get more experience, confidence, and call to them, and let's say again, they would tell me "we think you're still doing some mistakes, but you should be alright on the test", what's gonna happen next? Will they take money just for letting me trying to pass a test on one of their bikes?
  11. Ok, I understand, thank you! No, I have only 125cc, I want to buy 250cc after I pass. Paying 500 pounds for a training in my scenario, as I explained, is not really good idea. So any chance to hire a bike around Sheffield for test? Or maybe test centres do it?
  12. Hi! Does anyone know, which swimming pool in Sheffield is the cheapest one, and has decent, overall quality (no cold water, dirty changing rooms etc.)? I wanted to return to my regular swimming and I've found that is very expensive in Sheffield! I used to pay 2 pounds in London for entry (adult entry, unlimited time in public, council swimming pool, without any discounts, club membership etc.). I googled swimming pools in Sheffield to compare prices and what they offer and I can see everywhere prices from 4 to 6 pounds... Hope there is something cheaper, I like Sheffield so much!
  13. Hi! I've tried to find answer for my question, there is no clear information in google, and here I've found a little helpful topic here - https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=812469 But it's not enough. So, I've been riding on 125cc motorcycle with my CBT nearly one year. I've passed theory test and would like to pass practice modules for A2 category (and after this, sell my motorcycle, and buy a little bigger, 250cc). I've found that courses which can help me to get used to ride on bigger motorcycles (to pass A2 category) are extremely expensive - 500 pounds! I'm going for summer holiday to my country so for 200-250 pounds I can get many hours of a private, professional tuition. In this case I would like to avoid paying 500 pounds here for a course and pay just for a module 1 and 2 practice riding test. And here is my question - do I need to have my own vehicle during the test? If yes, do you know any places, where can I do it? I tried to google it and I could find only big services, not located in Sheffield with ridiculous prices (200 pounds for a day of hire) and huge bikes. I would appreciate any help and advice. Cheers!
  14. Hi guys! If everyone is from S2 area, please contact with me! I've been playing a long time alone and I'd be pleased to play with someone just for fun. My skills are not amazing but I think good enough to play with any kind of instrument together. I don't have my own transport so...that's why it's quite important for me to find people from S2 or areas close to it. You can simply leave message here or e-mail me. Cheers!
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