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  1. Thats what i was thinking but no where else in the house has any kind of alarm system. I might try a take it off the wall to see if there are any product codes. Strange place to put it, boxed in under the stairs ---------- Post added 14-09-2018 at 15:47 ---------- What two white connectors are going into a 12v mains wire. Just tried to trace them but i cant go any further without ripping the carpet up so I guess that bit will have to wait.
  2. They do look like nice lights but i dont think its relevant to my post.
  3. Hi, So i was doing some work on my house the other day as were trying to decide whether we should repair or replace our staircase. After removing some of the trim it exposed some electrics which i was expecting to be there. However, this round metal casing this there and is currently wired up and for the life of me I can't work out what it is doing. I did a little investigating and one of the pairs coming off it appears to run into our 3 gang light switch in the kitchen. I'm not sure if it serves a purpose for the lights or if its just running to there to complete a ring. I've attached a picture just incase anyone else has came across this thing before or can shed some light on it. My main aim is to understand what it is doing and whether we actually need it. Thanks https://i.imgur.com/no8F5uX.jpg[/img]"]
  4. I am looking for some bee keepers within the Sheffield area who are wanting to sell some honey. I would normally purchase it from shops but this time a need a fair amount. Thanks
  5. Im looking to buy or have to opportunity to to use a belt grind to create some knifes and straight razors. Does anybody know of one for sale or a workshop i could pop into and use for a couple of hours? Zak
  6. Oh thank you. Would you be free tomorrow for me to collect it? ---------- Post added 21-12-2015 at 18:03 ---------- Anyone know of any other places aswell?
  7. Oh wonderful. How much would you want for just one strip? Also is it a thick coating?
  8. Any will do tbh. I couple prefer it to be around 3mm thick.
  9. I'm looking for some small thin metal cutoffs which a company or person would normally throw away and doesn't mind getting a few quid for a couple of pieces. If possible aluminium would be preferred. Also in the Sheffield area as posting would not come in time. Thanks Zak
  10. Hey, does anybody know where i can get ca debonder from in sheffield? thanks. zak
  11. Yeah I already have the wood. Just need someone to cut it to the right thickness.
  12. Hello, I'm looking for somewhere in Sheffield that I could take a small amount of wood to them and be cut to a small exact size I need. Anyone know if this is possible? Zak
  13. Hunter house road just off eccy road
  14. Hello, I got up today ready to sort some jobs out and it turns out my tyre on my car is flat... Is where anyone selling a electric pump or foot pump? Or maybe I can put a little money your way and possible use it and pump the wheel up? Many thanks. Zak
  15. Does any body have a vinyl cutter or laser cutter that I could use or send a file to get some stuff cut out? Many thanks Zak
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