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  1. There has already been a thread on this which has been locked due to the Police activity about the attacks here. Please use the search facility before starting new threads, and above all, be safe. Closing.
  2. If you can help the OP, then please use the Private Messaging facility.
  3. The quote from the judge which I've read is "You are clearly trading insolvently, and very probably with HMRC's money." - from Matt Slater's BBC blog.
  4. Now I'm certainly not going to defend anything that has happened over on that side of the city, but you appear to miss the point. The club is the focal point for the community of fans. As fans, and as bodies of fans, we are our own communities. Yes, it's incontravertible that clubs are businesses, and more so than ever before, but clubs breed a community, and by dint of that are part and the very embodiment of those communities.
  5. Which would be a gravy, as opposed to an instant one, I agree. The other reason is that pork is extremely lean, and so gives off little fat. Chicken tends to give off little but water too. It's the fat which gives the sauce/jus/gravy, along with the bits of meat left behind. A vegetable 'stock' with good condiments will always make a good vegetarian gravy though if you've no other juices to use, when reduced. Henderson's is an obligatory ingredient.
  6. My ticket was got for me the other week ..... apparently .....
  7. As someone who has worked in this world for many years, would anyone tell me what the difference is from the New Deal, unless unemployment now = a crime? Yours, HH.
  8. If anyone can help, then please use the PM facility. Closing.
  9. Brian the Blade is about the only reason to listen to "Football Lunatics". He's as mad as a pint of chips, but at least provides some entertainment.
  10. Given that there are a multitude of reasons why the Police may be about in any guise, in any area, varying from minor to highly serious, it would be confusing and unhelpful to have such a thread. Thanks, and closing.
  11. Do you mean Armistice Day or Remembrance Sunday? I'm not aware of "Poppy Day", so as such I'm not sure how such a day could upset our Teutonic friends.
  12. Once again, someone disagrees with our resident insult hurler, and so he resorts to ignoring the case in point. Pathetic. Jon Snow is right to wear a poppy when he chooses within the time it is accepted to do so. I give to the Legion, but I see no reason why I should have to wear a poppy to show my thanks. More to the point, it's absolutely nobody else's business as to whether I have or not donated. It's as simple as that.
  13. Er, yeah! Hallam are more favoured by Wednesday, but Club are more favoured by United .... sorry if I didn't make that clearer If you mean the Coach and Horses, that's outside Sheffield FC in Dronfield!
  14. Not in the slightest. I can still be a Beatles fan, despite the band not existing. Wednesday fans can continue to be Wednesday fans, even if the club were not be extant. It really isn't difficult.
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