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  1. The Land Rover Discovery is blue in colour with a roof rack 2 spot lights on the grill with the words Joe moores racing writen on the cover of the spare wheel the year of the car is 1979
  2. Hello everyone on forum between New Years Eve and new years day I had my Landrover stollen from Stannington Road it was parked outside the Woodlands Tower Block has anyone heard or seen anything suspicous going off during that time Ive informed the Police but not heard anything as yet If anyone knows anything there is a reward get in touch with me either on the Forum or on my Email address 53phil53@gmail.com thanks
  3. Hi everybody I wondered if anybody knows that my Land rover discovery was stollen from stannington road from a parking bay next to the woodlands tower block it happened sometime during new years eve and the day before ive informed the police but not heard anything as yet does anyone know or has seen anything suspicious around about that time
  4. dont buy one try the presinct in hillsborough a shop there sells another type which costs 18 pounds with a refill which costs 5 pounds and will last you about a month
  5. It starts off being a few then a hundred then thousends beware its easy to scan your number if you dont cover the numbers you type in
  6. He has too many books so i think hes going on the net
  7. any advice centre look up the opening hours becouse you need to book in advance there all over sheffield
  8. Theres a dentist at page hall at bottom of barnsley road and charles cliffard near childrens hospital
  9. Your right mike but Amey havnt done a proper methed statement which would have included letting drivers and pedestrians and businnesses know whats going on,there were no no parking signs up on the day they started work on stanington road and no detour routes posted, letters wernt sent to tennents etc etc hope you kow understant peoples anger at council and Amey ps got ticketed and towed 5 minutes after parking signs went up
  10. Check to see if imersion heater is on dont put anything on a timer it might be faulty and before you moved in you will have signed a contract with your landlord have a look at your tennency agreement see if it includes bills and lastly see if your metre has been tampered with some neighbour in the past might have had a crop of cannibus growing and have siffend off you electric
  11. Have you seen the new restrictive parking signs up on stannnington road same as last ones to confuse you but date is 30th may for 10 days looks exactily like the old signs so could confuse you into believing they are the old signs still there beware
  12. have you got a contact number know someone who is interested ---------- Post added 28-05-2013 at 16:57 ---------- have you got a contact number please know a few who are interested
  13. Hi I have rung the council several times about the signs in stannington even had my car towed away and several others signs should have been up 5 days before works
  14. dave bassett old etonion blades best manager ever, whoever need a new team not manager employ all footballers from yorkshire with sheffield roots germany have clicked on to this one
  15. There are millions of old people in this country who live on there own, nobody knocks on there door and tells them what they can and cant claim for, there are billions of pounds in unclaimed benifits every year while people struggle to make ends meet.
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