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  1. Nowt will change until you make dog owners responsible. there has to be consequences for there lack of action. no doub't root's your dog craps everywhere while you ignore it?
  2. Horse mucks a useable commodity, Cat's tend to either bury it or find long grass. £80 is way too low to make dog owners clean up after there dog's. Should be £1000 or dog confiscated and euthanized.
  3. What Watchcoll said! couple of sprays over a couple of days and never had a return invasion! One of the big ones sounded/Came down like a Messerschmitt that had taken a direct hit to the engine! Very satisfying
  4. I'm surprised syp don't run them "You won a Competition" Stings, they could really clean up the streets!
  5. Nope, it will never compete, unless Leeds, MadJester & Sheffield become one place, through a change in boundaries, to become one county.
  6. We need a "Sheffield needs a Tube train System" thread. Sheff still makes tubes right???
  7. Upto two years and your out the door on a whim, and theirs nowt you can do about it, contracted or otherwise.
  8. You'll need to scoff about seven tonnes of tuna in a single sitting for it to affect you, from me local doctor. At which point I think you would mutate into one A tuna that is, not the medical profession.
  9. Can you remember the Phantom Raspberry Blower of old Sheffield town?
  10. Black Sea 6/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2261331/ Interesting if a little predictable, No "Das Boot" though.
  11. I didn't really get to switch off to be honest, you build relationships with customers and work colleges, and at the back of your mind your over evaluating, getting everything right, and would it have been better to go this way. I tend to take it personally, weather it's my business or not, if people are relying on me.
  12. I'm not saying Business owners aren't entitled to nice things, ie the trappings of hard work, and as I've had a hand in getting new bushiness of the ground, I certainly can appreciate the hard work and stresses involved. I've Never asked a business owner about there finances, as I have this information in hand before going in, for warned is for armed and all that. I'm not expecting Banker style Bonuses, All I want is a fair reward for the hard work I put in.
  13. He wasn't agitated, he was embarrassed, the interview was conducted by him and his wife, he left his wife just sat there smirking, all very friendly, she said she was glad that I had pulled him up on the question of finances, as when staff find out about his dishonesty, they normally leave, which is a false economy and wasted investment in my book. It's never going to end well if your dishonest from the gt go.
  14. I question them when they plead poverty, when they are lying, yes, because I don't want to work for dishonest people, for some reason being dishonest is the only way for some to run a business, and maybe my Honesty put's them off. I certainly don't give financial advice or lecture them, I just call them out on it, and watch them stutter there way through the rest of the interview. At the end of the day, they want to know as much about me as I do about them, and company's should not be afraid of this, after all, the investment is two ways. With regards starting my own business, Plenty of ideas, just no financial backing is available. Banks don't want to know, even with professional business plans in place. Lots of Business start JCP Courses done, but they are just free Name/branding gathering exercise, fo the people that already have the backing, so you're already going in knowing it's going know where, although two Business names I came up with ended up on other peoples Companies, That are now closed.
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