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  1. Hi does anyone know anybody who teaches trade skills, I am working part time and need to learn basic DIY handyman skills which include basic woodwork, plastering etc. Thanks in advance Jo x
  2. The amount of children that are walking out of Forge Valley on a daily basis when they should be in school is shocking.When the weather is nice you see half of the school down Rivelin park, not in school where they should be. I pass Forge Valley I the morning and always see children walking out ..and the teachers that smoke just outside the school gate don't do the school any favours.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get some defective car tyres for free....needing them for a garden project. Thanks
  4. HI does anyone know of best exchange rates for the euro in sheffield. X:help:
  5. Hi all, I need some plug sockets changing. Does anyone know or could recommend a decent electrician please. The plug sockets also need moving as they are all clumped together.
  6. When you do find the type of dog you want and there are lots of puppies, the puppy that comes to you is the one that you should get. It shows that the puppy is nice natured. I have recently acquired a border collie, she is lovely. A breed that I will recommend is the greyhound, loyal, they are couch potatoes despite the image they have and they are smooth coat so wont shed a lot of hair..
  7. Thanks I have already enquired about the fence to the council i.e Sheffield Homes and they have said that they don't repair fences anymore.
  8. Good morning everyone, I want some advice please, I live in a council property and the fence I inherited has come down, the next door neighbour keeps asking me when am I going to get it sorted. I am the end terrace and the fence in question is on my left, the neighbour looks at the fence which is on his right, he also has 2 fence panels up of his own , then he stopped but has used the fence that came down for splitting the gardens. He has never said I will go 50/50 he just thinks that it is my responsibility. Does anyone know if that it is my responsibility or not. Thanks Floriepop
  9. Looking for someone who could relocate some of my plug sockets and also to put them flush in the wall as they stick out. If you can help or could recommend anyone I would apprieciate it. Thanks.
  10. Is there anyone who suffers from Wet or Dry AMD...It's an eye problem that causes weak blood vessels in the eye to leak, my mum suffers from this and has had various treatment, laser to stop leaking around central vision, the latest treatment being injections in the eye. Is there any other form of treatment available, Does anyone know.
  11. Can anyone recommend a dog trainer in Sheffield.. I have a Border Collie ( she tends to pull on the lead constantly) my arms are starting to ache now after walks.
  12. Make sure you pack some food and teabags for yourself, the staff are working non stop due to not enough mid-wives due to cuts. But overall Jessops is ok. I have had 3 children over the years all born at Jessops, each time a little bit different but never bad all enjoyable. Good Luck and don't panic xx
  13. Hi can anyone recommend an electrician please... I'm wanting some plug sockets repositioning around some of the rooms in my house, as well as making the sockets flush in the wall. Can you help or know anyone that can. Thanks:help:
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