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  1. No I am not saying that the way to achieve peace , justice, equality differs the radical extremist believes they are doing that. The dropping of the bombs on Japan brought peace some historians say it shortened the war by two years and saved a million allied lives would you say that justified the use of them? I would say it did.
  2. Just words your justice maybe open borders could we have had peace if we had surrendered to Hitler is equality supporting BLM a racist organisation your definition is yours only and will probably differ from mine.
  3. The concept of MAD mutual assured destruction helped to keep the peace between America and Russia because neither wanted the ultimate destruction of people and country , now within Christianity and Islam that does not hold the same amount of fear some would welcome WW3 in the believe of return of Christ or the revealing of the twelfth Imam.
  4. Yes I do use examiner Live as well in your area news it mainly for news on Wednesday and United I have it also I have been told if you go incognito you do not have to have a account. The Star has given no explanation to why my subscription did not renew which does not give be confidence in there security.
  5. Something does not seem right a the Star I could not log in to my account for 2 days then I received a email saying the paywall had been taken down to allow the problem to be sorted, now I have a new email asking me to click a link and add a new card to renew my subscription . Why should I have to do this what has happened to the card details they already have? the link only takes you to the Star with no log in .
  6. Same problem e.mailed the Star Friday still waiting for reply I can not log in tried password restore will not even recognise the the email the account was set up with it could be time to cancel £8.68 a month for the same news which is free on South Yorkshire Live.
  7. I contacted the seller who is a new seller on ebay and they say it cost them £15 to send it to me so someone is making money along the way best to put the cost under £15 on the customs ticket
  8. I bought a Amazon echo from a private seller off ebay for £30 and £3.48 delivery the sellers address is Jersey united kingdom I have received a card from Royal Mail saying that it is at the sorting depo and I have to pay £16.31 custom fee to get this which I have done Should the seller have told me about this further cost ? I have bought CD/DVD from Jersey with no problem I suppose you live and learn.
  9. The only way to get a socialist government elected is to hide socialism within liberalism.
  10. @ Dear Forum time stands still for the drinker, five years or twenty five years it makes no difference they may function and work but they live in a foggy haze and alcohol will always have priority over every part of your lives together. You could look back years from now and think what did you get out this relationship only wasted years of being stuck in repeat mode "a drinker just drinks".
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