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  1. yes i remember fcs very well mick singer/songwriter and mega p***head and ben drummer and shy lothario great some1 else remembers too
  2. my father told me a true story his father told him of a tunnel a tunnel of such lenth that men marveled at it s wonder he told me it took more than 1 million orange/red industrial bricks to build now were talking 100 plus yrs ago so you can imagine how many bricks that would be in todays terms anyway i digress my father mentioned the sage of hather as it s origins i moved to new zealand when i was a youngster and only returned recently i have searched everywhere for said place i am exasperated by my unfruitful searching and am begining to disbelief my own father who is sadly now departed i would be gratefuln if anybody good help me solve my lifelong story thank you
  3. i reckon all the trouble makers should be talked too with care and concern if we ignore them they will never know the wrong they are doing they need help and advice and maybe even a little national service worked a treat on that t.v programme it produced some lovely young men from the so called scum they were
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