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  1. Hi, i own a Princess party company, we are local, have lots of customer feedback and pictures for you to look at and would love to make your little girls birthday party special! We have a whole host of princess performers, who sing dance and always stay in character. We have a few different packages but our most popular is our £130, this is for 2 hours of entertainment including : stories, sing along, a craft, party games with prizes and pass the parcel included, photo opportunities, Princess/prince lessons, with certificates for all children, and party bags for all children! Facepainting can also be added for an extra £25. We hope you consider us! Have a wonderful new year! https://www.facebook.com/Disneyesque http://www.disneyesque.co.uk
  2. Unfortunately i do find this offensive. We as company work to promote that children can be whatever they aspire to be. We promote diversity in many forms, including our " action" princess, and the many boys who also attend our parties. I find your view to be very narrow minded and that you have completely missed the point of many beloved Princess films. These films are there to inspire children, particularly girls, to fight for what they believe in, follow whatever they aspire to do and most importantly be a good kind moral person. Just because some of them happen to do this in a fluffy Princess dress, and find a prince at the end, doesn't make them any less of a roll Model. There are many Princesses who defy stereotypes, and some who don't even have a prince for example: Jasmine defies a arranged marriage, Tiana works 3 jobs to achieve her dream ( a cafe not a prince) , Merida refuses marriage and goes on adventures herself, Elsa is a strong independent woman with no love interest present, Mulan saves china (better than any of the men). You suggest that because a little girl wants to dress up and eat off fine china means she is filling a misogynistic stereotype that is pressed upon her. But in fact little Princesses and Princes should be aloud to do whatever they feel comfortable, being themselves. If that is dancing at a ball, firing arrows, using fine china or all of the above. You are the one impressing your social beliefs on them. We hope you have a magical day! x
  3. We special Princess Parties, we do a 2hr party! including a song, story, party bags, party games and prizes, pass the parcel, and princess/Prince Lessons including a certificate for all the children, and a Tiara for the Birthday Princess! Here is the link! http://disneyesque.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/Disneyesque or you can Ring me on 07753 186485 Thanks! Francessca x
  4. Hi! I run a reputable Princess Children's entertainment business in Sheffield. For the very first time we are hosting a Princess Tea party! It is hosted at a beautiful Tea room just outside sheffield! The princess host will sing songs, read stories, give etiquette lessons with a certificate for each Prince/Princess, there will be cakes and tea.juice served in real china! Here are the selection of tickets we are selling, and our facebook for more pictures looking at the princesses and customer testimonials! We would love to see lots of little Prince's and Princesses there! It is on April the 13th Location: S26 1JH https://www.facebook.com/Disneyesque Tickets: BRONZE : This is a 25 minute slot. A cup of juice or tea served in fine china. A question and answer session with the princess as well as a song with the Princess. £9.99 SILVER:This is a 45 minute slot. A cup of juice or tea served in fine china and a small cake. A question and answer session with the princess, a story as well as a song with the Princess .£14.99 GOLD:This is a 1 hour slot. Includes a cup of juice or tea served in fine china and a selection of finger sandwiches and buns. A question and answer session with the princess, a story as well as a song with the Princess .Etiquette lessons and a certificate,and a photograph with the princess emailed to a parents address! £19.99
  5. This ma be wrong, but i think varsity on west street has karaoke booths? not sure what night though! x
  6. We went to Napoleon's last year which was lovely! really nice food and atmosphere!
  7. i've been on both the santa cruise and sundown. And we loved both of them! although i personally prefer sundown. It's such a full day! and is truly lovely around christmas!
  8. i live in todwick, so often travel through aston, it seems to be a very lovely place to live! good schools in the surrounding area and lots of nice green open spaces!
  9. the Canarie islands sound exactly like what you are looking for! Lanzorote and fuetaventura! they have nice temps, a relaxed feel and aren't to far away. The humidity is also normally very low, which is good with little ones! we went to both many times with young babies! x
  10. there is a kids activity/sports group near me at North notts arena in worksop that does all sorts of activities with them!
  11. we got one off ebay! i know it's not the town centre but it comes to you! amazon also has some! X
  12. finding time for crafts is hard ! ive loved having the time at uni lately to restart my crafts!
  13. what a shame! i wouldn't have paid either!
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