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  1. I need to find someone to lay laminate flooring in my dining room. I have the flooring already. It's 14sq m, can anyone recommend someone? I need it doing in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!
  2. Brilliant thanks, and nearby too! Thanks for that...
  3. I've just moved house and my rug is too big for my new living room. Does anyone know of a place that will cut and bind it to a smaller size. I live in Hillsborough, but can get it to anywhere in Sheffield...
  4. Hi Lara, I tried to email you on the email link you posted, but it doesn't seem to be working....if you could PM me your email address I have a venue which I think would be perfect for you, Many thanks, Kathie
  5. Hi, I'm a party planner for 4 Sheffield city centre pubs... All have areas that are free to hire and I'm sure one of them would be suitable. They are The Graduate, The Bessemer, The Scholar and The Varsity. If you feel any of these could be suitable then please feel free to reply or call me on 07944844346... Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm a party and events planner for 4 pubs in Sheffield city centre, and I'm sure one of these would be great for whichever event or celebration you have planned! Call me on 07944844346 for more details and I will be happy to help...
  7. Hi, have you considered the Bessemer in town, I had my 30th there and it was ace! It's free to hire and they can match a buffet to any budget. You can't do your own DJ but the music is great, with the best from the '60's, '70's and '80's, we had a great time!
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