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  1. No, sadly it sounds like all you care about is yourself....far too many people with your selfish attitude walking this planet!
  2. I don’t eat meat and am definitely not having children so I’m definitely doing my bit for the planet ?
  3. I’m not a meat eater so do I have your permission to worry about the welfare of animals???
  4. I don't dispute the damage pesticides, pollution, habitat destruction does to wildlife, I'm talking about the horrendous fear so many animals (and people) suffer from due to fireworks.
  5. I would sincerely hope not!! And the impact of such loud bangs???
  6. Have you given any consideration to neighbours, pensioners who may be frightened, pets and wildlife when buying and setting these things off????
  7. I am an animal lover, we’ve always had pets and I also volunteer at an animal rescue, but I completely agree with you that a dog barking constantly would still drive me around the bend. Dogs bark for a reason and it is the responsibility of the owner to find out what that reason is and to stop the dog from barking. It’s selfish and inconsiderate to both the dog and anyone in ear shot of the barking to just allow it to continue.
  8. That is a very specific and quite unusual case though, definitely not the standard situation for bitches.
  9. Yes that is one of the reasons, with the heightened blood supply there is a much higher risk of haemorrhage also the hormones related to the bitch being in season need to settle down before removing the reproductive organs, and there is also the risk of phantom pregnancies a few weeks after a season so sudden changes in the hormones due to surgery at this stage is very unfair on them, and if there was a phantom pregnancy occurring and the operation took place the enlarged milk glands would make it much more difficult for the spay wound to heal. It's standard practice for these reasons to spay at the correct time.
  10. That's not good at all! There are a number of reasons vets say to wait 12 weeks after the season to be spayed, the fact they don't do this would lead me to question using them.
  11. I wonder if they'll stay in it or decide it feels like living in a cold, bleak factory and decide to sell.
  12. The whole thing is an eyesore, I cannot believe they were granted planning permission for something that looks so cheap and nasty and doesn't even remotely fit with the surroundings.
  13. Our front door and the windows on the front of the house have been covered in ladybirds for a couple of weeks now. I had to look twice when I first saw them as I walked up our front path, I wondered what on earth it was. I’m glad it’s not just us this has happened to.
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