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  1. thanks for the replys just been talking with him again its based in barnsley! nope only thing is overalls wellies,and gloves and hair net Lol,not goggles or a mask.. like u say lots of dusts/feathers/**** he hangs them on the line and they **** blood every,last 3 days been gonna toilet constant and even said his ****s smells like the birds ****... he says his gut is like constant cramp feeling!
  2. hello just a quick question for a friend of mine,my friend has just started a job in poultry slaughter house for chickens was wondering if there any health risks? of by law what protective clothing masks etc he should use? he wears gloves/and overalls only! surely he shud wear masks and eye goggles? as they **** blood etc in his face and every were else? for the last 20 hours hes been the toilet he says around 26+ times with diarrhea just wondering if any one know anything on the subject thanks
  3. i just came across this video seems this young man knows his right when it comes to police, but seems a lil cocky? Police Owned - United Kingom Ever Been Stopped by an officer ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o1g24X4-0o
  4. hey,im gonna have to give my home up at the end of the month,im private and have been getting HB ive lived here for over 3 years now,but for last few months they only been paying me 240 month and my rent is 450,and slowly getting into debt,i have my son on weekends,and now im forced to move out with no were to go, + im not gonna see my son now till i have my own place! any advice or help please to get a place? i had to re register with the council they said they 'sent me letter' a year ago asking if still wanted to be on the list and now removed me because of no reply which i didn't get no letter!,so what would be the best option for me to get place? so fuming and down at the min,and i have no were to stay in 2 weeks time,any one with any advice or information would be a star!! so looks like the housing have basically made me homeless...
  5. thanks for replies, well there been cutt in housing bennifits i was getting 360 rent and paying like 70 to it,but now i only get like 200 month so i cant afford it now
  6. hello all thanks for taking time to read i am in bad situation been renting a place for couple years, no problem and in the last 5 months i was left with out job so was getting help with housing benefits then about 2 months ago they changed there system and only pay 240 to my rent and now which i have to find another 240 to pay the rest and i dont even get that in job seekers! so im left now owing half months rent from last month and now rent for this month! is there any help i can get, im gnna have to leave but have 5 months left in my contract but i cant afford it,and i been told i could be took to court? i just not sure what to do i have young boy of 3 what i have weekends with me at home
  7. Even all,me and my partner have just seprated was wondering how much single dad would get on 3bedroom house cheers
  8. Hello were in sheffield 5 was this? I know u say firthpark but what part can keep an ear owt for u
  9. hello what times does castle market open as i wanna go buy some sausage/bread cakes today
  10. hey,any one was just walking along s4 and seen red and yellow looking helicopter what ive never identified before can anyone tell me what it is?
  11. hey all, is this man with van with the meat still go to job lot? what times will he bee there on sat? is it good quality meat? and good prices? never been but planning on going tmz for chicken/mutton
  12. any one see the helicopter out at about 10pm with spot light around firthpark on i heard it was car chase bloody thief scum bags
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