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  1. Please e-mail contact@sheffieldresidential.com
  2. https://www.epcregister.com/reportSearchAddressByPostcode.html See here
  3. Hi We have a number of aluminium frame windows and doors requiring minor repairs to handles etc. Can anyone recommend a reliable and suitable company to quote and carry out repair?
  4. Brilliant. What type of business is this for? Please e-mail me on ed@sheffieldresidential.com to discuss
  5. That'd be ideal. Drop me an e-mail on ed@sheffieldresidential.com and we can arrange. TIA
  6. Hi, What business would this be? The screens are larger than A4 size as they're digital displays.
  7. Hi We have prime window space in Sheffield on Pinstone Street. We have footfall of thousands throughout the week and we advertise properties on said windows. Do people think it's realistic to target companies (ideally property related) to see if they would like to advertise their own services in our windows? Any advice/feedback would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, try David at Sheffield Venetian Blinds. We often use him. http://www.svbc.co.uk/ ---------- Post added 12-12-2017 at 15:40 ---------- Hi, try Ash at AB - his number is 07552 234820 We highly recommend
  9. Hi, try below: Name: Riverside Exchange Phone Number: 0114 2781142
  10. We would have no hesitation renting to him. The fact that he has paid a mortgage and completed on a house sale shown his reliability. We'd simply request proof of ownership of said property, alongside employer reference etc. I hope he finds a resolution.
  11. Hi, You need to contact the management company or your landlord/agent. The management company there are called Fairways. Sheffield Residential
  12. Call 07761 688 592 . They're Sutties on site. If it's ground floor and you need a water reading, this will be in the utility cupboard. Sheffield Residential
  13. We don't market the properties specifically to students or to professionals. Atlantic One themselves market to professionals only.
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