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  1. The amount of buses that haven't turned up since the bus change is ridiculous. 3 hours it took me to get from Shiregreen to Southey Green. 20 didn't turn up after waiting 45 minutes, decided to go and wait for 97 which was due, an hour later still no bus. Had to go back to the other bus stop and thankfully a 83 came 10 minutes later. Freezing it was outside with a baby and a toddler, this journey would usually only take me no more then 45 minutes.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I live on Dryden just off Southey Hill (I thought I added it in) We found her trike, at southey library. Not even bothered bringing it home for my daughter too see because it's all been smashed up, no point upsetting her more. Thanks everyone but I'm going to forget about the slide now seen as we have found her trike in that condition.
  3. I am not sure whether this is in the right place or not but anyway. Yesterday while heading out the house to take my 3 year old daughter to nursery I noticed that her smart trike had been taken from our garden along with her slide (both are pink). She noticed right away and was distraught. Please if your child has come home with a smart trike or slide or if you have seen them all I am asking is you to return them to my garden. Both are presents from family, one from family she doesn't get too see often. These presents are her memory's. I live in S5.
  4. Does anyone know any play groups in Shiregreen for a nearly 2 year old?
  5. Hope your cat gets found if not already! I don't live in that area so unfortunately can't keep a look out
  6. She does Avon..she had just delivered orders so that's why she had the cash on her. She dropped it and didn't realise till she got to the check out.
  7. I know its a long shot and probably know one is nice to hand things in but my mother in law lost some money in morrisons earlier today..between £150-£200 in a plastic money bag. If anyone found it can you please be kind enough to contact me. The police have been contacted and morrisons will be checking there CCTV later on today. ---------- Post added 07-09-2013 at 16:52 ---------- Sorry for my spelling mistakes..
  8. My internet is paid by direct debit and when I checked my direct debits it had changed from just under £20 to around £90 due to missing the direct debit a couple of days before. I didn't agree to this, they didn't contact me about this..so it can be altered.
  9. That's what I have heard and helicopter has been out. Just wondering as I don't live to far away.
  10. Josephine (not sure off correct spelling)
  11. Write the first line from a song and see who can guess correctly the artist and the song title.. "I could stay awake just to hear you breathing"
  12. 4 out of 4. Common sense if I am honest. But I am always aware of things like these and dangers around the house especially with having a 1 year old. Before I got to bed I turn all the plug sockets off and don't leave my phone on charge over night as its a fire hazard as well.
  13. How can anyone hurt such an innocent, defenseless child? It sickens me how people can do this.
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