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  1. "John C Fowler Leverton Gardens S11 It is good that the Bower brothers are behind bars. This will protect the public and be of long-term benefit to the Bowers. However, to blame them for their crimes is unfair. They have been reared in dysfunctional homes. The mental turbulence in their minds will be considerable. Such turbulence, for want of a better word, leads to criminal behaviour. If the Bowers had been conditioned in more favourable surroundings, they would have expressed less criminality. The collective human mind is becoming more and more chaotic as it is awakening out of its unconsciousness. More people, like myself, are slowly recognising that we are progressing towards a higher, purer consciousness. But this won’t be easy. The “global mother” is in much pain as she is in labour. But at least she knows that her baby will be delivered safely. God will not allow His child to be harmed. Until the birth, we must wait calmly and allow the baby to come when it is ready. As for the Bower brothers, if you point the finger at them, you point it at yourself. Remember the words of Jesus of Nazareth, who truly sacrificed himself for his friends (i.e.the entire human race): “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” " Full text of the letter.
  2. There are a lot of vacant units but there are a lot more open ones - many selling stuff you just cant get anywhere else - there are more independent Sheffield traders here than you can shake a stick at. The food hall is brilliant and is rammed full most lunchtimes - several butchers and fishmongers. Decent coffee place, beer shop, bhaji stall …great bus links and a huge adjacent car park with cheap market parking....I could go on.... It's had a rough time of it, I wont deny that, its not perfect but its far from a white elephant.
  3. People have been writing the city centre off for many years, but it keeps on hanging in there and slowly but surely it's adapting to the times - plenty of independent shops (not least in the much maligned new indoor market), loads of decent pubs and restaurants as well as two major theatres and superb galleries - more and more residential developments and a much needed facelift coming in the shape on the new retail quarter. I love the city centre - a real place to go as opposed to the sanitised consumer trap of Meadowhall and the awful retail parks.
  4. Just in case people haven't heard - there are 12 Da Vinci drawings at the Millennium Gallery It's free to get in. Worth a trip to town for this. Anyone coming? link here
  5. Great stuff. They should do more of this. Generating income to support local services and hopefully to improve transport infrastructure. what's not to like especially if its paid for by certain motorists who think the road was built just for them.
  6. ...and I definitely don't work there or know the owners
  7. Looks like a real dude. Who knew the green party had black members, let alone councillors? I always thought that they epitomised the white liberal elite. Good luck to him.
  8. Good point - the protesters are very unrepresentative of the area yet claim wide spread support - most people don't give a hoot.
  9. I think Labour is likely to maintain or increase their vote in Sheffield in May. The tree problems will have a negligible impact because most people aren't affected and don't care either way about the leafy suburbs. This is almost entirely a Nether Edge white middle class issue. Ordinary People care more about prices in the shops, jobs and housing than they do about half dozen over sized trees which is what this now boils down to.
  10. I bet this has been posted before but this thread is huge so hope its ok to ask again. My boiler has developed two strange symptoms whcih may be linked - can you help? First - the pressure gauge reads zero when the heating's off but when heating comes on, it goes up to normal range. Second after running a bath or shower, the boiler continues to make a noise (guessing its a fan??) long after the water has stopped running. Do any plumbers on here know what might be wrong? Thanks
  11. Agree with this - can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Hope it'll settle down as the staff get to know the punters better.
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