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  1. I'd would also be intrested, if anyone can help.
  2. what an excellent class it was tonight Farhad, although I'm not sure I'll be doing much walking tomorrow!!!! Eval is some fighter and a real inspiration (Spelling:loopy: ) for people who want to start competing in the ring as I do..... He said he will be back for another session soon, can't wait and I'll definately be bringing my camera SB
  3. Maybe they get your order wrong now and again but it still is the best sarnie shop in sheffield by a mile, plus some of those girls that work there are rather tastey anyway...!!
  4. I'll be down for sure farhad and possibly my mate jamie, Will he be taking the class or just joining in???
  5. Easy Farhad, I'll at the next Fight night for sure, I'll reserve a stage seat again please I'm on a Drilling ship at the moment floating around the north sea, I'll be back in training next week. There is no heavy bags on here:rant: but there is a gym so am getting some cardio work done..... anyway, untill next week SB;)
  6. farhad, It was a great show, well orginised and all the fights were very well matched. it was good to see a few people again, sarahbabe, fireman mick etc aswell as some new people davemantis etc the fighters that impressed me the most were roudie ( Spelling??) and the 2nd fighter from woodseats thaiboxing I'm not sure of his name:confused: but his leg kicks were awesome...
  7. Hi does anyone know of any rope access companies in sheffield or the surrounding areas? Thanks;)
  8. Alright Chef who did shane fight from AFK?? I'll should be back training on Wednesday at Goodwin
  9. Farhad, yea hes working with me on the focus mits aswell, also theres a couple of heavy bags which is also good. Are both the september and the november shows at the same venue as your previous show...? i.e Goodwin..? Which show do you think you will be putting me on? or both ...?..... its just so I've got something to work towards... Cheers Farhad SI
  10. Hi chefkicker the rigs are going ok, I'm training regular too. I've been doing a lot of circuit training with an ex marine, thats keeping me fit.. I'm back in 6 days, will you be availble for some 121 lessons as i'm only back home for a week ?? Also what is that show in september you were talking about? I thought there was just one in november:confused: Cheers SI:thumbsup: P.s beaver what weight are you...??
  11. Any time catt, that journey is way too long to cycle anyway....! No one thought you were out of your depth, you did well, stick in there:thumbsup: I'd eat before training next week though,,, them pads aren't very tastey and they make your nose bleed..... :hihi: anyway, I've got a lesson with Farhad early in the morning so I better have an early one Later
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