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  1. The PTE didn't put Travelmaster prices up. The PTE doesn't control TravelMaster; the bus and tram companies do. Yes, our public transport prices aren't that high by national standards; just not as much cheaper than average as they used to be.
  2. I notice that sbsg site has some Bramblings at "Fox Hole Carr". Does anyone know where that is? At first I thought it might refer to the area near Rivelin Reservoir but that's Fox Hagg - not very similar.
  3. If you visit that stretch of river in the Summer there's a good chance you'll also see Sand Martins. Worth a second look as it's easy to assume they're Swallows if you aren't expecting them.
  4. I posted about a lost item (pair of glasses) on Sunday. Later that day the post was there in the Sheffield News section. Now it seems it's been moved to a "Lost and Found" section but this section doesn't appear on the Forums list and when I search for the post I can see it but can't go to it as I don't have permission. What's going on?
  5. That's very sad news! He was a lovely, very friendly man.
  6. No way am I giving away the location of my favourite patches but my advice in general would be to learn what a blackthorn bush looks like and then keep an eye out in Spring when they are in flower. A spray of white blossom in the middle of a hedgerow is quite distinctive once you know what you're looking for and can be spotted from a distance unlike the fruit in Autumn. Yes, I know that's not particularly helpful at this time of year but if you're making sloe gin you need to be OK with delayed gratification. It's not going to be really ready to drink for a year after you start steeping the fruit.
  7. I've made my own bacon using a recipe by Tim Hayward on the BBC Food website. It's dead easy - you just need a ziplock polythene bag big enough to fit your piece of belly pork and appropriate quantities of salt and sugar. I've tried adding a few spices with pleasant results too. The resulting meat tastes more obviously porky than shop-bought bacon.
  8. You need to be very careful if you're picking them to eat. I wouldn't recommend doing so unless you've had training. Having said that, buy yourself a book on the subject and go to the types of woodland or other countryside that are the right habitat for the species you're looking for.
  9. No they didn't! Chastity belts never existed.
  10. In most areas of the UK the local authorities do not subsidise children's travel at all. If there are child fares it's because the bus companies choose to provide a discount. In South Yorkshire, SYPTE pays the bus companies to provide children with an 80p fare. This is only available to residents. It's funded by the local councils who would have to pay more to provide cheap travel for non-resident children (most of whom would be not tourists but residents of adjacent counties like Derbyshire).
  11. Interesting to note that the Sheffield constituencies above represent five out of the six constituencies nationwide that the rump SDP is contesting. According to Wikipedia it's a successor to the party founded by the Gang of Four in the 80s but somehow it's drifted to a hard anti-Europe stance!
  12. My understanding is that you don't necessarily need Planning Permission to demolish a whole building. It might be required in this case if it was felt that the structure had become unsafe as a result of the developers action or inaction. However, as the developer plans to build housing on the site and they need consent to do that, it would have been simple to include the demolition of the old building in the planning application. No need to apply separately.
  13. I know where you can get them. Very nicely made from recycled hardwood. I'm sending you the address via a psychic message. : : : : Have you received it yet?
  14. I actually ran a beer and sausages party on New Year's Eve a few years ago. We tasted and rated sausages from a number of different suppliers; Sheffield local and national supermarket brands. The two highest rated sausages were the plain pork from Crawshaw's in Hillsborough Barracks and something like a duck-and-orange from Sainsbury. BTW I believe the Crawshaw's in Hillsborough and the one in the Market are unconnected businesses (brothers?) one going down the quality route and the other pile-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap.
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