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  1. Well said mate ---------- Post added 25-04-2013 at 12:25 ---------- I don't even find the meaning on this since they are going to have my passport as well
  2. I'm gonna try and ask from the police if they don't help me I don't know what to say
  3. I tried to ask and they said no cos they think that they should know me first for some period of time while the SIA says you don't need to know him at all.
  4. I moved in Sheffield almost a month ago and I don't know anyone here. I have to fill my SIA License application and I can't because I need a UK passport holder to be my counter signatory and sign my photo as a witness that I'm the one in the photo and no one else. Any good Samaritans are welcome to pm. Thank you. P.s This is what they need Counter-signatory Your photograph should be counter-signed and dated on the back in blue or black ink by a UK passport holder. Details of the person signing the photograph will need to be provided in section C of the application form. By signing and dating the photograph the counter-signatory is agreeing that the photograph is of you. Please note: your counter-signatory should not be a relative or member of your family. If the photograph is not signed and dated by the counter-signatory, or their full name and address, UK passport number and telephone number is not given, we will need to return your application form. Please call our contact centre for advice if you are applying from overseas and you are unable to obtain a counter-signature from a UK passport holder.
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