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  1. You need to check your history books. Leeds 'not bothering during the War'? Barnbow Tank Works and Royal Ordinance Factory. Yeadon secret factory making Lancaster bombers, Blackburn Aero works making Swordfish (we sank the Bismark!), Hunslet Engine Company, John Fowlers, nearly all the uniforms for the Forces. Yeah fair enough you made the raw material but we made it into something useful.
  2. I'm not sure what to think about that, its either you have no internet, can't read or are just plain disrespectful of people who helped win the 2nd World War some of whom are still alive. It wasn't you who peed on the War Memorial down there was it?
  3. Sorry they were made all over but in Yorkshire they were made at the secret Avro Factory in Yeadon. Where the airport is. http://www.on-magazine.co.uk/yorkshire/yorkshire-history/avro-aircraft-factory-leeds/
  4. Parts of it yes Lurpak etc. but they are very merger/takeover astute. So astute in fact they realised that Leeds was the place to be for their UK HQ. http://www.arlafoods.co.uk/about-us/company/arla-in-the-uk/
  5. But you also said Manchester was third so you are trying to use Population when it suits you and area when it doesn't you can't mix and match its not Woolworths. As I said nobody knows for definite you can find tables that say anything, I could probably find one showing the area of Leeds particularly if postcodes are used that has it bigger than Sheffield, so its all a waste of time.
  6. http://www.citymayors.com/gratis/uk_topcities.html Welcome to the UK. The only Country in the World without the faintest idea other than London what size its cities are. It all depends where you look and what you take into account. You can always find one to suit what you require.
  7. Could be this as well though? http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/leeds-named-best-big-city-in-england-to-live-in-1-7594048#ixzz3sh0LBfOw
  8. Oh here we go again! Arla Foods, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Battle Tanks, Blackburn Aircraft, Swordfish Torpedo Aircraft (we sank the Bismark!), Lancaster Bombers, Bastion Defence systems (of Camp Bastion fame!)Greens Road Rollers, Hunslet Engine Company, John Fowler Locomotives, Matthew Murray Steam Engine locomotive engineer, Kitson Locomotives, Yorkshire Copper Works, Optaire Buses, Joseph Priestley, Tetleys, Melbourne, Burtons Tailors, Hepworth Tailors, Next, Leeds Building Society, Leeds Holbeck Building Society, First Direct Bank, Yorkshire Penny Bank, Waddingtons Games (Monopoly, Cluedo etc.), Premier Farnell, Jet 2, Temple Newsam, Harewood House, Roundhay Park, Golden Acre Park. Plenty of trees thanks, and the Yorkshire Dales as our back garden. Give it a rest we are all Yorkshire!!
  9. Well by chance I did my Annual Dore, Totley Abbeydale visit yesterday. I met four or five of our staff and we had a good laugh, and some interesting chats. They knew my Yorkshire accent was ever so slightly different to theirs but they had no idea where I came from. I noticed for the first time that the Beauchief Hotel was an old Railway station coz I was stuck at the lights turning right and we chatted about that they were knowledgeable and gave me the run down on it. When I said I had to get back to Leeds it did not change anything other than some harmless football banter which I contributed to. When I got back to my office in Leeds I talked to my colleagues about the nice day I had spent in South Sheffield and we had a laugh about the interesting chats. So perhaps Stoatwobbler when compiling your 'niceness' chart you need to broaden your target audience to the full Million and a half people involved in the two areas, because maybe the problem you suffer with in 'grading' very similar people, is more personal, nearer to home and only in the 'eye of the beholder' ?
  10. Looks like you are fitting in nicely with the few bigotts there already. Or did you really mean 'altitude' because we are 30 miles further North ?
  11. Thanks very much very nice of you all. Don't go and leave us, we like you really !!
  12. Ha ha small World I was the postman driver at Asda House they always gave us a drink at Christmas, and told us to buy some shares (God dam didn't believe them!). They are down the City Centre now by the River bit posher than those days. I do Security now and Sheffield 6 times a month. I'd better move on I'm changing your thread !
  13. To be honest this must be the only Country in Europe that does not actually know the populations of its major Cities. If you look around you can find Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow and Manchester bouncing up and down the ratings like a trampoline. Manchester always feels bigger than Leeds and Sheffield but you can find them as low as 7th on some sites. So you can always find something to support your argument if you try. I suppose it suits the Government to have this ambiguity when they are doling money out or am I just cynical ! I live in Morley and have paid rates to Leeds CC for years and all the services come from there unfortunately, I consider it part of Leeds, however the local politicians don't and it is run by the Morley Borough Independents on Leeds CC. In fact they held the sway of power over the whole of Leeds a few years back because of a narrow Labour majority (and they hate L**ds more than yous lot). Which was quite amusing and we got a new leisure centre out of it
  14. And we don't care for you either, we have Otley Ilkley and the Dales, with the added advantage our beautiful countryside is in Gods Own County Yorkshire not Derbyshire !
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